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Season 6 premiere review

January 11th, 2007

“If magazine” keep on sending me links to their ’24’ related articles so I thought it was time I linked to one. This is a quite good review of the first two hours of season 6, the episodes which will air on sunday. Goes without saying then that there are spoilers for the first two episodes in the article, so only read if you don’t care about spoilers, otherwise wait until you’ve seen them.

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24: The Movie Postponed

January 11th, 2007

24 cast and crew where on Larry King last night, and co-creator Robert Cochran stated that the movie filming in the 3 month hiatus between days 6 and 7 for a late 2007 release is now unlikely. With a tight schedule being most likely to blame.

Cochran made the suggestion that a film version would most likely have to wait until the TV show had finished, which if reports regarding Kiefer’s last contract are accurate could be as late as summer 2009 after a potential eighth day has been filmed.

This news will come as a big disappointment for fans, as all previous reports had the film progressing well, with some quoting Kiefer as having said the screenplay had been finished, and with Cochran and Surnow ready to take time away from the show to start prep for the film.

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Man of the hour

January 9th, 2007

Kiefer’s really been doing his part to promote the new series lately, there are new interviews with him everywhere. Instead posting every single one I can find, i’m just going to post one that’s one entertainment weekly. As it’s one of the most in-depth, up to date, as well as not having as many of the PR sound bites for answers. The most shocking news is that it was three years before it clicked he probably need to record new “the following takes place between” segments for every new episode.

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24 still tops

January 9th, 2007

“24, which returns Jan. 14, is taking audacious chances in its sixth season. With a new toughness and topicality, this Emmy-winning drama is forcing viewers to think about the war on terrorism. Star Kiefer Sutherland (pictured) seizes new acting challenges; he plays Jack Bauer as worn out and demoralized. This series has always been rousing entertainment, but now 24 is trying for something deeper, and succeeding. In a way comparable to “Casino Royale” overhauling the James Bond franchise, 24 has reinvented itself. That is what great television series do.”

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Aniston’s 24 snub

January 9th, 2007

Jennifer Aniston’s bid to star in hit series 24 has been unsuccessful.

The actress approached bosses about the possibility of guest starring in the show, about a counter-terrorism government agency, but was snubbed because of her role as ditzy Rachel Green in ‘Friends’.

Aniston is not the only big name star to be refused a part in the show.

Comic actor was also overlooked because he is too famous.

Work on a film version of 24 is currently underway, with a scheduled release date for the summer of 2008.

It is believed Kiefer Sutherland will reprise his role as special agent Jack Bauer in the big screen version.

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Terror Vision

January 9th, 2007

24 was the Big Bang moment in the current boom in telly-terror because of its revolutionary real-time format, its claustrophobic obsession with conspiracy and betrayal within the American political and security establishments, and, most conspicuously, for its timing. The first series began airing on the American Fox network in November 2001, only two months after 9/11, though obviously the planning and writing had begun long before. Now gearing up for a sixth season for the start of next year and with a spin-off feature film in prospect, 24 rescued Kiefer Sutherland from a twilight zone of bad movies and obscure TV guest appearances, and possibly triggered the trend towards making television a respectable home for movie actors.

Equally significantly, 24 set a tone President Bush might admire – terrorism is the deadliest enemy, and no weapon will be left unused in combatting it. Its makers have made no bones about their hawkish sympathies, with co-creator Joel Surnow happy to admit to 24’s conservative leanings. When the Council of American-Islamic Relations became alarmed by what it considered a negative portrayal of Muslims, Kiefer Sutherland responded by appearing in placatory public service announcements, but Surnow has refused to blunt the show’s ruthless edge.

“For it to have any believability and resonance, we had to deal with the world we’re living in, and the terrorists are the jihadists,” he says. “It wouldn’t feel realistic if you did anything else.”

For Sutherland’s Jack Bauer and his fellow agents, there’s never any question of civil liberties or other liberal wimpishness taking precedence over the urgency of their mission. When Bauer’s Counter Terrorist Unit planned to torture suspects to extract details about a threatened nuclear attack on the US, the chief terrorist called an outfit called Amnesty Global (having presciently stored their number as a speed-dial on his phone), and, to Bauer’s disgust, they wheeled out a human rights lawyer to stall the ongoing atrocities.

For Surnow, there’s no question that torture can be a legitimate counter-terrorism tool. “If there’s a bomb about to hit a major US city and you have a person with information… if you don’t torture that person, that would be one of the most immoral acts you could imagine,” he argues. CTU do at least dispense torture even-handedly, since they’ll happily torture their own agents if they suspect they may be leaking intelligence to the enemy …

That’s a quote from an intelligent look at 9/11’s impact upon the output of Hollywood as well as the british TV channels. Free from series six spoilers.

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New 24…fans

January 8th, 2007

What you see before you is the newest version of It’s not exactly how i’d like it right now, but by the time series six starts on Sunday, it should be pretty close. Over time most of the old content will be transferred across, whilst I also add new content. I’ve made this switch so that in the future it’s easier for me to maintain and add new content.

Also on this main section i’ll be putting all the old news articles, two years worth, but now they will be in an easier to search and find form.

The new day starts now.

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