Season Seven – 24’s Road To Redemption?

January 1st, 2009

A few words from a post-rehab 24 addict, seventeen minutes into season seven

Hello, my name is J_A and I’m an addict. A 24 addict.

Or well, I used to be.

I have been addicted to 24 from the first second of season 1; actually, even before that. I saw a commercial for it and instantly knew that this was my show. Then, when the pilot actually aired, bang, I was hooked. Addicted. Going down a one-way street into a very cool habit.

I was indeed one of those fans who’d live, breathe and bleed 24, whose ­weeks would run from 24 to 24 instead of Monday to Sunday, who’d turn off their phones whenever watching the show, bore people to death with talking about how great the show was, I’d spend my spare time re-watching 24 episodes, eventually knowing all dialogue by heart; I missed 24 during the hiatus so much that I started my own chain of 24-like events by writing fanfictions, I would have applied for a job at CTU if it hadn’t been a fictional agency, and I most definitely would have elected David Palmer into the Office…

What was so addictive about it, apart from its complexity and the breakneck speed with which it raced through the season? When 24 first hit the screens in 2001, it was simply the most innovative, gripping and thrilling series to ever air on TV. The format was unique, the writing superb, the casting perfect, the acting motivated, the characters had depth and the storyline was one big arc, revealing itself little by little.

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Season Seven Production To Stop Again

September 8th, 2008

According to various reports, production on Season Seven will take a 2 week break on September 25th after Episode 18 is done filming. The reason cited is that Howard Gordon isn’t satisfied with scripts and story ideas for the final 6 episodes, and given they’ve almost got 18 episodes of the season proper done with regular episodes not due to start airing until January it would be stupid not to pause to catch breath.

This is far from the first time production has stopped or been delayed on Season Seven, while in pre-production several different storylines and arcs where dismissed as “the wrong direction” or simply “too expensive”, which meant a delayed start to Production. Then came the writers strike which hit with only between 6 and 8 episodes written, which forced Fox to put back the season by a whole year.

It’s been extremely hard to judge the positives and negatives of the previous halts to production, but this one is entirely positive, and quite frankly was surely a no-brainer. Noises from the Kiefer and various Exec Producers have been very happy about the season they’ve produced up to this point, and what trailers we’ve been given certainly grabbed us. Hopes are high, the fate of a potentially lucrative franchise will live or die with this season. If it’s not almost pitch perfect it’ll be the swansong, get it right and a big screen outing is only a matter of time. And so if your not entirely happy with the last 6 episodes, then you’ve got to take a step back.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments or on the forums.

S7 Prequel To Air November 23rd

May 15th, 2008

That’s quite a bit later than I expected, or should I say hoped it would air, but still not to look a gift horse in the mouth, mark your diaries for Sunday November 23rd.

The TV guide article revealing the date has a few more details about the prequel.

… Filmed partially on location in South Africa, the “prequel” finds Jack Bauer battling an international crisis (yea!), while back home, the United States prepares to inaugurate a new president.

“We’re excited about the prequel because it explores Jack’s complex emotional state of mind and still has all the signature excitement and suspense that fans have come to expect from 24,” says executive producer Howard Gordon. “Shooting in South Africa affirms everyone’s commitment to making this season especially memorable for our fans.” …

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Howard Gordon Talks TV Movie

March 13th, 2008

Web Magazine “IF” has word from Exec Producer and Show-runner Howard Gordon on the 2 Hour TV Movie.

“This will be a standalone movie that takes place almost a year after the sixth season ended, and will set up the story that launches the seventh season,” Gordon tells iF. “It will be entirely new material.”

I guess we can take this as official confirmation and put aside any doubts raised by HQ. That quote is a bit vague, and gives no real indication on real time being dropped or the movie’s structure. Though it will be intriguing to see how it’s dealt with, it could be a test run for a future big screen adventure.

As ever more when I get it.

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Writers Strike All But Over, But When Will 24 Return?

February 11th, 2008

Okay, every media outlet is now reporting the strike is all but over. In all likelihood Showrunners and WGA members with producer duties will return to work on Monday as producers, for 24 that would probably just be Howard Gordon, with full writing staff probably returning on Wednesday.

So what does this all mean for 24?

Howard Gordon, the show runner for “24” on Fox, said he has been busy contacting his writing staff.

He said production could feasibly resume six weeks after the writers boot up their laptops. But the drama’s unique storytelling device, with each of the 24 one-hour episodes equaling a day in the life of terrorist-fighter Jack Bauer, has complicated matters.

“24” typically runs from January to May, but Fox delayed the premiere indefinitely rather than airing an incomplete season consisting of eight episodes that were on hand.

Fox has not decided when the show will return, Gordon said, but is considering three scenarios: airing 12 episodes as soon as possible and returning in the fall for the last 12, running all 24 episodes in the fall or waiting to premiere in January 2009.

I’ll let you know when Fox has decided on which of those three options for the return of the show. If they go with the first and decide to air the first 12 episodes as soon as possible, that would mean a likely return somewhere between mid to late March. That would personally be my first choice, sound off in the comments about your preferred choice.

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Howard Gordon Talks Season 7

July 24th, 2007

Usually official comments on the new season are very generic at this stage in pre-production, but in an unusual move exec Howard Gordon has given quite a candid interview about the new season. Answering questions about the aborted Africa setting and storyline, and why the decision was taken. He also talks about his feelings about season 6.  Of course there are spoilers, but it is a very interesting interview so unless your completely blocking out all spoilers, then it’s a recommended read.

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24 To Change Course Next Year?

May 1st, 2007

“I don’t dispute it’s been a challenging season to write for us,” says Gordon. “But it’s reinvigorated our determination to reinvent the show. This year could be seen to be the last iteration of it in its current state.” … “I’ve got a couple of ideas, none of which I could even begin to share responsibly.”

While I aim not to spoil anything which maybe coming up in the shows future I felt this was to big to ignore. This is the story that Exec Producer and current Show Runner Howard Gordon has said publicly that given the shows recent slight dip in ratings and probably more importantly critical maulings the show maybe in for a retooling next year. While such a change would most certainly have to make it past the other top execs and Fox, Gordon’s word certainly means a lot and I’d have to say that a well thought out course correction in the show is something which I would welcome.

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