Portrayal of american arabs on TV is all wrong

“On …”24,” … American Muslims [are] out to nuke our country, killing neighbors in the process. … Fox isn’t alone … “Family Law,” “Judging Amy,” “The District” and “The Practice” have had storylines that imply that airlines should discriminate against us, that we should be jailed without due process, and that we burn down our own mosques and abuse our children.

To their credit, programs like “Boston Public,” “Jack and Bobby,” “7th Heaven” and “Strong Medicine” have reflected positive images of American Arabs that help to unite us. But overall, … [the] message [is] clear: American Arabs are dangerous terrorists and should be feared … Unfortunately, these powerful stereotypes injure innocent people and have a terrible impact on our society.

Today, 44 percent of Americans believe the government should restrict the civil liberties of American Muslims, … And nearly one in three Americans says the government should engage in racial profiling, and … infiltrate American Muslim organizations.

Network leaders should meet with leaders of the American Arab and Muslim communities, and they should commit to innovative family shows that reflect the positive aspects of all faiths. Producers could create characters modeled after real-life Arab-Americans, such as Ambassador Selwa Roosevelt, or the father of modern cardiovascular surgery, Dr. Michael DeBakey, or consumer advocate Ralph Nader or our nation’s first jet ace, Col. James Jabara…”

source : www.freep.com
more : www.newsday.com – mild series four spoilers

The muslim public service announcement made by Kiefer, and broadcast by Fox can still be viewed on the site.

muslim psa : /media/muslimpsa.ram

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