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Series Five Premiere

August 27th, 2005

“…Fox‘s real-time drama ’24’ which will again kick off its season with four episodes screening on two consecutive nights… The fifth season will premiere with two episodes from 8-10 p.m. January 8, followed by two from 8-10 p.m. January 9 (the second episode January 9 will be the show‘s 100th). On January 16, the fifth hour of “24” will air in the show‘s regular 9 p.m. Monday slot.

The scheduling strategy is designed to let viewers watch an entire season on a weekly basis without repeats or pre-emptions…”

Confimation their that Day Five will kick off in the same way that Day Four did, and that helped in achieve the highest ratings of any series. Link to the original article is below, but be warned, contains major spoilers regarding casting details some may wish to avoid.

source : – Series Five Spoilers
more : – Series Five Spoilers

Game: Developer Diary

August 20th, 2005

“…The A list the stars from 24, people like Kiefer Sutherland, Elisha Cuthbert and Carlos Bernard – tend not to have much experience of the interactive market either (and not too surprisingly they’re rarely videogames players), but their talent more than makes up for that. Kiefer in particular, is quite extraordinary…”

That’s from a article by Mark Green, Communications Manager at Sony’s Cambridge Studio, regarding the upcoming playstation game. It makes for a good read, and there are another five articles to come.

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DVD News & Views

August 7th, 2005

American visitors are sick to the back teeth of news regarding the UK release of series four, since you won’t get yours until Christmas, but since good things come to thoose who wait, as I will explain, you shouldn’t. The UK DVD is out tomorrow, and as I reported last week it will have atleast two, and unfortunately from reports from forum members who had there copies delivered early, that’s all it’s got. So two, not bad, except other information I’ve been getting, along with posts on the official Fox forum suggests the U.S. release will have as many as 12 (or two per disc), so if any UK visitors can bare to wait and can play region 1 dvd’s I’d advise waiting for the U.S. DVD. I myself can’t stand to wait for longer than I have already, nor can I play U.S. DVD’s, so I’ll be up tomorrow, waiting for the post and my copy and I’ll have a review up within the next week.

On a last, self-serving note, visitors may be interested to know that I, the Site and the 24 DVD, got a mention in former BBC writer William Gallagher’s DVD Review Podcast, if you’ve got a spare ten minutes or so it makes for a good listen.