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“Does Jack Bauer ever go to the bathroom? How come Kim Bauer is so afraid of cougars? Is there a way for President Palmer to replace our current president?All these questions and others were racing through my mind in the nervewrecking hours before I was to interview the cast and crew that put together 24 every year. That’s right, Kiefer Sutherland, Elisha Cuthbert, Carlos Bernard, Reiko Aylesworth, Christian Kane (who’s only in the game) sat down with me and talked about alcohol, cougars and something called 24: The Game.

Some of the footage made its way into The 1UP Show a few episodes back, but Jason Bertrand and myself shot almost two hours of footage (we ran out of tapes!) during our two-day excursion to the set of Los Angeles’ fictional Counter Terrorist Unit. In addition to accidentally dropping Edgar’s phone while filming a skit at his desk, I interviewed many of the crew, including co-creator Joel Surnow and scriptwriter Duppy Demetrius.

For 24 fans, there’s plenty to chew on here. We even manage to scoop some new information about the upcoming 24 movie – Jack Bauer goes international, baby! – and find out what the original, ridiculous concept for 24 was. Good thing they ditched that concept …”

This is an article/feature on 24 that I found a little while ago and meant to link to, but forgot, but then Patrick Klepek, the article’s writers took the effort to email me a link to it, so now i’m getting off my lazy arse and linking to it. It includes some cool set photos and some video interviews with cast, crew and writers, come and join me in being immensely jealous of Patrick getting to visit the set.

source : 1up.com

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