24’s Greatest Moments – Update

Fox’s 24 Greatest Moments poll has entered it’s next stage, with votes now being cast on the best moments of Day Three.

The Day Two Results were:-
1. Mason gives up his life – 22.28%
2. I need a hacksaw – 18.98%
3. Jack pretends to kill Ali’s child – 16.08%
4. Palmer collapses – 13.83%
5. Jack warns Nina – 9.51%
6. Jack turns on a terrorist – 7.81%
7. Marie shoots Reza – 7.52%
8. Nina has a demand – 3.96%

“Mason gives up his life” and “I need a hacksaw” will join “Jack finds Teri dead” and “Nina is the mole” in the final round of voting.

24 Film in London?

“Kiefer Sutherland has revealed that a movie version of his hit US TV show 24 is to be made in London. The actor … told chat show host Jonathan Ross about his plans on his BBC One show, which airs on Friday.

‘We’re working on that,’ he said. ‘We’ll shoot the film here. We’re really excited about it.’

‘In the US, 24 was slow to catch on but in the UK it was big so Fox stuck with it, so thank you Britain.'”

source : news.bbc.co.uk

24’s Greatest Moments

Now here’s something, a really good reason to go to the official 24 website, but here it is, there 24’s Greatest Moments. In two week periods they are asking fans to pick the three best moments out of eight from each day. Until the 17th of May they are polling on Day Two. Once all four previous days have been polled the top two moments from each day will go into the “the grand final” to find the ultimate 24 moment.

The Day One Results were:-
1. Jack Finds Teri Dead – 33.28%
2. Nina is the Mole – 30.49%
3. Palmer can’t trust Sherry – 11.64%
4. Mandy escapes – 10.66%
5. Mason & Tony talk – 4.85%
6. Teri calls Nina Out – 4.80%
7. Mason makes fun of Nina – 4.28%