Meet the drama queen

“Kim Raver’s a survivor. So far the actress — who seems to have a thing for numbers — has made it through five years of the gritty police drama ‘Third Watch,’ and two seasons of ramped-up thriller ’24.’ …… While paging through a script one day on the set, she came across a scene where Audrey was fingered as was a spy. ‘I thought that was it,’ Raver recalls with a laugh while sitting at a Santa Monica coffee shop with the equivalent of a Big Gulp of chai sitting before her.

‘I couldn’t (expletive) believe it. I was literally in the hair and makeup chair and I took the script I had half my makeup done and curlers half done — and I went up to Howard (Gordon, executive producer) and Kiefer (Sutherland) and said, Is this for real?’

Audrey was exonerated but not until after being tortured — ‘That was a lot of fun, actually, even though it shouldn’t have been’ …

… ‘Being on ’24,’ you have (a target on your back), but because I’m in a relationship with Jack Bauer, that’s like a double target!” …

… she speaks with particular relish of ’24’. ‘I love that show and I love working with Kiefer. We have a similar way of working together. It’s such an extraordinary experience.’

source : – possible series six spoilers

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  1. Except for four actors I don’t see some of the last seasons actors. Is the cast now what we see on the 24 site? Are any of the past coming back or some hint what, why they were not active?

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