24: The Movie Postponed

24 cast and crew where on Larry King last night, and co-creator Robert Cochran stated that the movie filming in the 3 month hiatus between days 6 and 7 for a late 2007 release is now unlikely. With a tight schedule being most likely to blame.

Cochran made the suggestion that a film version would most likely have to wait until the TV show had finished, which if reports regarding Kiefer’s last contract are accurate could be as late as summer 2009 after a potential eighth day has been filmed.

This news will come as a big disappointment for fans, as all previous reports had the film progressing well, with some quoting Kiefer as having said the screenplay had been finished, and with Cochran and Surnow ready to take time away from the show to start prep for the film.

source : metro.co.uk
more : teenhollywood.com

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