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Just recently i’ve been buried under an avalanche of day six reviews. The best ones I quote and post links to from the here, but increasingly there are more and more which are worth a read but I simply don’t post links to because of the sheer weight of them.

So i’ve created a new page within the day six section, and so hence forth I can have a three tiered system when it comes to day six reviews. The very best I’ll continue to quote and link to here, always as doing the same for them on the day six external reviews page. Good reviews which I think are worth reading if you absolutely have to read every coherent thought written will be quoted and linked to from there. And the rubbish ones, i’ll read, snigger, and then completely ignore and therefore I will have wasted my time, but none of yours. What more could you want.

day six external reviews : https://24fans.com/?page_id=213

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