Secret agent work can be torture

“I think that’s very dangerous,” he says. “When you start taking a fantastical world like this, and try to apply the logic of this show to the real world, [it] is absolutely ridiculous and insane. I very strongly disagree with the idea that we need Jack Bauers out there in the world doing that.”

Article looking at the politics of the show, includes a brief interview with Kiefer.

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3 thoughts on “Secret agent work can be torture”

  1. Enough is enough. The drills to the shoulder, the finger cutting, punching, drug induced torture, bone breaking how much torture do we , and especially our kids really have to see. It is very graphic and disturbing. I have so lost interest to this season I am about to quit watching. It is emotionally exhausting to try to keep up. I almost feel I am in a class and have to keep notes in order to follow the story line.It has gone to the unbelievable and I do not think I will bother next season.

  2. well, I liked the interview. thanks for posting it :-). I’m not going to discuss the topic itself cause it’s been chewed on enough

  3. I love the show 24, i am a black man and i like the idea of a black president, David Pamer made the show, as well as Jack Bauer, i think they were a team. I would like to see more of the show, but if u get rid of Jack Bauer or Wane Pamer I might look at something else. # 1 24 fan love your show.

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