24 To Change Course Next Year?

“I don’t dispute it’s been a challenging season to write for us,” says Gordon. “But it’s reinvigorated our determination to reinvent the show. This year could be seen to be the last iteration of it in its current state.” … “I’ve got a couple of ideas, none of which I could even begin to share responsibly.”

While I aim not to spoil anything which maybe coming up in the shows future I felt this was to big to ignore. This is the story that Exec Producer and current Show Runner Howard Gordon has said publicly that given the shows recent slight dip in ratings and probably more importantly critical maulings the show maybe in for a retooling next year. While such a change would most certainly have to make it past the other top execs and Fox, Gordon’s word certainly means a lot and I’d have to say that a well thought out course correction in the show is something which I would welcome.

source : ifmagazine.com

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