Episodes 23 & 24 Reviewed

“The first 20 minutes is guilty pleasure action, pure and simple, but you’d have to be dead not to love it, and it rounds out the die hard homage’s from this season perfectly. Escaping from an off shore oil rig, hanging from a helicopters rope ladder, seconds before f-18’s blew it to kingdom come, no action hero alive would say no to that.”

review :  https://24fans.com/?page_id=295

One thought on “Episodes 23 & 24 Reviewed”

  1. I was a little disappointed by the season finale.

    I expected more.

    There were too many scenes where the vice pesident and his aides were talking.

    The action scenes were not that exhilarating – we need more than just shooting at bad guys and dangling off helicopters.

    I look forward to the next season.

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