S6 Finale

What did people think?, let me know in comments, on the forums. I’ll have my review for the last two episodes and the series as a whole soon.

You’ve got until monday to rate the last two episodes with the polls on the left handside, because then I’ll be putting up a new poll for you to vote on the best episode of the series.

2 thoughts on “S6 Finale”

  1. I just watched the end of the sixth season and it’s complicated to explain my feelings about that. Some weeks ago, I read here FOX was decided to order two more seasons of 24 after the sixth one, but I am sure that without that information, I could be sure 24 arrived to its end.

    When u see the season finale, you see his face and the piano song… waow, it seems like he is gonna do it, but the clock appears in silence and everything is over. I was trying to find a water crash or a shot from his gun, but no… it seems like the beginning of the next season is gonna be that beach and that silence.

    Good luck for everyone to bear this waiting one more year, but I have no doubt this season has been the best one after the 4th (that’s my oppinion….)

    See you next year and great thanks for your wotk in this website, you are the best!

    Best whishes,


  2. Well, I found the complete season not so brilliant (compared to the rest). Come on – a nuclear strike within LA ?! And that´s just the teaser ?
    Anyhow, I´m still a big fan and can´t wait for the next season – remodelt and with a new team…

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