Which Character Do You Most Want To Return Next Year?

That has been the poll question for the better part of three weeks now, although the results have been pretty clear for a little while. First and Second don’t come as a huge shock to me, but placings after that may surprise.

Chloe O’Brian – 41%
Bill Buchanan – 21%
Mike Doyle – 9%
Nadia Yassir – 7%
Wayne Palmer – 7%
Tom Lennox – 6%
Morris O’Brian – 4%
Marilyn Bauer – 3%
Karen Hayes – 1%
Sandra Palmer – 0%

I didn’t expect Karen Hayes to do so badly, or for Mike Doyle to win the race of the also rans (though I am pleased with the latter).

The new poll asks for your opinion on how S6 compared with previous days.

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