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News From Comic Con Panel

July 28th, 2007

For the first time in the shows history, they’ve had a panel at Comic Con, and more interesting opinions about series 6 from the writers themselves, and details about series 7 have emerged or been confirmed. Some none spoilery bits from the various coverage on the internet below, follow links for more spoilery info.

All four producers agreed that season 6 was a disappointment, a turnaround from the FOX executives who defended the quality of the latest season earlier this week at the Television Critics Association press tour … About Charles Logan, they reassured fans that unless you see someone die, they’re probably not dead … In regards to the idea of a 24 movie, the producers were rather candid.  They will most likely do it after the final season, otherwise there would be a compromise and they would have to outsource either the show or the film, as they couldn’t handle both.  As for the format, they said the first hour would be just like a regular movie, but that the real-time format would kick in about half-way through … The producers desperately wanted to cast Donald Sutherland as Jack’s father last season, but couldn’t get the deal to work.

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There was also a little tidbit which got some people very excited, though it wasn’t the first we’ve heard this rumour on the internet, which first emerged near the end of last season. A detailed article on it follows.

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Howard Gordon Talks Season 7

July 24th, 2007

Usually official comments on the new season are very generic at this stage in pre-production, but in an unusual move exec Howard Gordon has given quite a candid interview about the new season. Answering questions about the aborted Africa setting and storyline, and why the decision was taken. He also talks about his feelings about season 6.  Of course there are spoilers, but it is a very interesting interview so unless your completely blocking out all spoilers, then it’s a recommended read.

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24’s Best Ever Villian

July 23rd, 2007

… is Nina Myers! according to the poll which just finished and has been running for the last two weeks. She won with a comfortable 49% of the vote.

Full Results:-

Nina Myers – 49%
Charles Logan – 10%
Habib Marwan – 10%
Phillip Bauer – 5%
Stephen Saunders – 5%
Christopher Henderson – 4%
Mandy – 3%
Victor Drazen – 3%
Cheng Zhi – 2%
Abu Fayed – 2%
Ira Gaines – 2%
Ramon Salazar – 2%
Syed Ali – 1%
Vladimir Bierko – 1%
Navi Araz – 0%

The latest poll asks which character you’d most like the show to resurrect.

24 Gets 6 Emmy Nominations

July 19th, 2007

The emmy nominations where announced today, with 24 coming away with 6 nominations. The most meaningful nomination (especcially since they missed out on a best drama nomination, which they won last year) is Kiefer being nominated for Best Actor (which he won last year). He goes up against James Spader (Boston Legal), Hugh Laurie (House), Denis Leary (Rescue Me) & James Gandolfini (The Sopranos) for the award.

The other categories the show got nominated for were, Outstanding Guest Actress (Jean Smart), Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Sean Callery), Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series, Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (Bill Gocke, Jeff Gomillion, Kenneth Kobett, Michael Olman) & Outstanding Stunt Coordination (Jeff Cadiente)

Series 7 Plot Dumped

July 11th, 2007

Some Series 7 news, which is strictly speaking spoilers, but really is too big to ignore. Still, don’t read if you don’t want too.

According to reports on TV Guide, the writers grand plans for next year included filming many episodes on location in Africa, yes, Africa. A Plan which Fox executives quickly deemed too costly, and after trying to find shooting locations near L.A. which could double for Africa  and coming up short, the decision has been made to dump the entire Africa storyline, and start all over again. Reportedly this has pushed the start of production back three weeks.

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How Did Series 6 Compare With Previous Days?

July 9th, 2007

The latest poll asked, “How Did Series 6 Compare With Previous Days?”, results where :-

Blew Them Away, It Was The Best – 8%
Not Too Far Behind The Previous Best Of The Show – 27%
Average, Towed The Line – 36%
Below Everything Previous, But Not By Much – 21%
Awful, Let The Side Down – 7%

The new poll asks which of 24’s army of villians is the best ever.

Jack’s Jeans In Charity Auction

July 2nd, 2007

This came into my inbox today, Children’s charity “Variety” have a pair of jeans worn by Kiefer as part of his Jack Bauer wardrode during the course of season 6 up for auction on ebay. So if you want to own a genuine part of the show, now is your chance, and the money is going to charity.

This is from the ebay page.

These jeans are a unique wardrobe item.  Generally, a costume is worn in only one scene or a few scenes in a movie or television show.  Since an entire season of 24 takes place over only one day, these jeans were worn repeatedly and can be seen throughout an entire season.

Certificate of Authenticity will be provided to the winner.  The winner will also recieve an image of the jeans being worn by Jack Bauer on the set.

Get bidding!

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