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More Casting & Other News

August 21st, 2007

I’m still mulling over the results of the spoiers poll, but its hard as the results were quite spread out. Until i’ve decided upon a new spoiler policy i’m going to be careful.

So some there is new casting news which broke in the last day or two which you can read about at the link below.

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Also other news of note today came direct into my inbox. Jon Cassar has sent out the message to help promote a charity event called “Lights, Camera, Auction – Take 10!”. More details follow below.

I personally promise that this event will be the biggest 24 actor reunion ever held. We will have more items to sell than any other auction, including set visits, and walk ons. Please support us in this venture as it will be our 10th and last of its kind.

The charities need the money and this year the Stroke Association is close to our heart, Exec producer Howard Gordon being a member of their board.

MPICA┬« is pleased to announce that registration for “Lights, Camera,
Auction – Take 10!” October 5-7, 2007 in Los Angeles is now open.Our recipient charities will be the Actors Fund of Canada and the
Stroke Association of Southern California.

To register, please go to the LCA 10 page at
for links to the registration page and hotel reservation information.

Please check the web site for more information on the auction and
other featured weekend activities.

Our preliminary guest list is:

Jayne Atkinson “Karen Hayes” 24
Xander Berkeley – “George Mason” 24 / “Sheriff Rory Atwater” CSI
Paul Blackthorne “Stephen Saunders” 24 / “Harry Dresden” The Dresden Files
Jesse Borrego – “Gael Ortega” 24
Nancy Cartwright – “Voice of Bart Simpson” The Simpsons
Sarah Clarke – “Nina Myers” 24
David Fury – Writer/Co-Executive Producer Buffy/ Angel/ Lost/ 24
Howard Gordon, Executive Producer 24
Torri Higginson – “Dr. Elizabeth Weir” Stargate: Atlantis
Leslie Hope – “Teri Bauer” 24
Gregory Itzin – “President Charles Logan” 24
Carlo Rota “Morris O’Brian” 24

[plus more from various other shows]

Also included in the email was a link to Jon Cassar’s new personal website, which includes 24 news from inside and a very “day in a life” post.

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New Poll

August 20th, 2007

The poll asking how you feel about spoilers is over, and the results where quite even, and i’ll be using them to tailor how I deal with spoilers in the future.

The new poll asks if you would watch “24” without Jack. The results I think will be very interesting.

Production Delayed Again

August 16th, 2007

Fresh reports surfaced last night about production delays to the new season. At first I thought it was simply a re-reporting of the earlier delay but this morning it has become clear that there has indeed been a second production delay. The first came after the decision was passed down from FOX that ambitious plans to shoot some scenes in Africa would be too expensive, leading to a page one re-write and a production delay of a month (late August instead of late July).

The exact reason for the second delay is as yet unknown, but it will likely see production now start in roughly three weeks. Though several sources go with a slightly vague “more scripts need to be finished”, possibly suggesting the first four episodes, though wording in another article “enough scripts for the new seasonlong plot” – ( leaves me with the faint hope of the writers going for more forward planning, indeed possibly demanding it before production can start.

One article is brave enough to mention the elephant in the room, the question if these production delays will mean it’s premiere date of the 13th of January will have to be moved back or change its usual 4 episodes over 2 night premiere format. Though with fans likely to need convincing of the many changes made to the show, the 4in2 format would help draw skeptical fans and so FOX will not make that call unless they have no other choice.

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discuss : forums/viewtopic.php?id=145

Who Would You Most Like The Show To Resurrect?

August 6th, 2007

The latest poll has come to the end. This time I asked which deceased character you’d most like to see back on the show. Results where:-

Tony Almeida 54%
David Palmer 15%
Michelle Dessler 8%
Nina Myers 8%
Curtis Manning 4%
George Mason 3%
Ryan Chappelle 3%
Edgar Stiles 2%
Teri Bauer 2%
Milo Pressman 1%
Sherry Palmer 1%

The new poll may only run for one week, i’m not sure yet. As this time round I want to know how your feel about spoilers on the site, just how much information for future episodes do you want to know?, tell me.