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More Season 7

September 27th, 2007

The latest details to come out of the Fox announcement and everything else has been added to the Day 7 page. Read at your own discretion, and be warned, if you where just taking in a few spoilers for the new season, but promised you’d stop before the big stuff hit, now is the time to stop. Read the new details and there ain’t no turning back.

You’ve been warned.

Big Fox Announcement Coming?

September 19th, 2007

According to the ‘”official” unofficial’ blog HQ, there is a big Fox announcement on the new season about to drop today. It may be official word on cast and other details already leaked, but in all likelihood it will fill in some blanks, at least those which Fox Promotion want and The 24 Producers have agreed to fill in.

There could also be soming big in the announcement, follow the source link for more hints on what that could be.

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Are You Looking Forward To Day 7?

September 17th, 2007

I guess this was a stupid question to ask visitors to a 24 fansite four months before the new series starts. Off course your looking forward to it, as the 94% yes vote shows.

The new poll is a little more fun, and hopefully the results will not be so straight forward. It asks which is your favourite “worst” storyline, with there being an option from each season, so Day 1 pitches in with “Teri and The Amnesia”, Day 2 with “Kim and The Cougar” and so on.

Day Seven

September 5th, 2007

After careful consideration of the results from the “how do you feel about spoilers” poll, i’ve decided upon a two tiered reporting of spoilers. If you look up to the menu bar you’ll see a new “Day Seven” menu option, thats a new page where i’ll be posting most of the news about day seven in there. If you don’t want to know anything and want to come into the new series completely clueless, then stay away from there. Meanwhile, here on the main page will be relatively spoiler free, save any large developments in production which are just to big to ignore.

S6 DVD News

September 5th, 2007

News has sprung forth about the Season 6 DVD’s, as yesterday Fox released a Press Release and DVD cover image for the region 1 boxset. The special features list is quite impressive, including the now customary 12 episode commentaries, which is welcome news, although some of the choses for commentaries still baffle me and having no commentary on the final episode I think is a mistake. But it looks like they’ve attempting to make up for with the other extras, which include 25 deleted scenes, vieweable in three different ways. Also included is a “alternate ending”, which sounds very exciting, given the various rumours which where flying round the internet about ending for S6, all of which weren’t true, maybe we’ll find out they were “almost true”.

It should be noted that this is for the region 1 american release, I have no concrete info that these details will be the same for the UK R2 release, although that Fox can confirm these details almost a month before the UK release hopefully means every is ready to go on a UK boxset.

The UK release is the 1st of October while the US release is the 4th of December, follow link below for more details

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Would You Watch 24 Without Jack?

September 3rd, 2007

That’s been the poll question for the last two weeks. The results suggest Jack and Kiefer Sutherland is more central to the show than ever before, and that if Jack was to leave the show in th foreseeable future, that a large chunk of the existing audience would go with him. Full results follow.

Defintely 6%
Give it a Chance 31%
No 55%
Don’t Know 7%

The new poll is along the same lines, but asks if your looking forward to season 7.