Would You Watch 24 Without Jack?

That’s been the poll question for the last two weeks. The results suggest Jack and Kiefer Sutherland is more central to the show than ever before, and that if Jack was to leave the show in th foreseeable future, that a large chunk of the existing audience would go with him. Full results follow.

Defintely 6%
Give it a Chance 31%
No 55%
Don’t Know 7%

The new poll is along the same lines, but asks if your looking forward to season 7.

One thought on “Would You Watch 24 Without Jack?”

  1. Without Jack Bauer on the show, the answer is “NO”, I would not watch show. I own season 1 -5 dvd sets and I’m looking forward to the release of Season 6 on dvd.

    When will season 7 be aired on tv?

    One more thing, I think that Jack Bauer should have a family or a homelife to come home to make it more realistic. He should have another wife since “Terri Bauer” has been dead for sometime now.

    Please don’t kill Jack Bauer, or my whole clan and friends will no longer be watching 24.

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