Which Was Your Favourite “Worst” Storyline

Yep, odd question. But for the last two weeks i’ve been asking you which of what I thought where the so called “Worst” storylines from each season, was actually your favourite. The results where ….

Kim & The Cougar – 40%
Teri & The Amnesia – 19%
Chloe & The Baby – 17%
The Vice President, His Assistant & The Russian Spy – 15%
Marwan & “Amnesty Global” – 5%
Curtis & The Virus In The Hospital – 4%

So it was closer than some polls i’ve run recently, but still a pretty clear winner.

In the new poll for the next fortnight i’m actually placing some responsibility in your hands. Currently at the banner at the top of the page is a random choice between Jack and Tony, but i’d like to add a third character banner, but I want it to be a character everyone thinks “deserves” a banner. You’ve got a choice of the ten characters who after Jack and Tony have appeared in more episodes than anyone else. I’ll be doing a poll like this roughly every 3 months, so if your favourite doesn’t win this time round, you’ll get another chance.

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