24: The Day Off

Someone just posted this in a comment on another post, and I thought everyone missing 24 would enjoy it. Contains spoilers for S7 – albeit ones revealed in the trailer.

The following takes place the day after twentieth century fox pulled the seventh season of “24” due to the writers strike


4 thoughts on “24: The Day Off”

  1. rotfl. dan thanks for this! hillarious! :D. and a true-to-life cliffhanger to scream at! LOL

    ya know, I was thinking, FOX should hire a few fans to get things done with the missing eps. I mean, there’s lots of us who can write quite well AND we’d keep things in character…
    wishful thinking, I know 😉

  2. OMG that was the best thing I have ever watched. I lmho!! 🙂 Tony rox! Freakin pissed about the delay.. This helped make up for it! 😀

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