Writer’s Guild Strike Cancels Season 7?!?

As many of you will know the WGA (writer’s guild of america) is on strike, meaning no new scripts for any shows including 24 are being written, or any current scripts being polished or touched up, and in many cases whole productions have been shut down until further notice, although there has been no specific word on this about 24’s current state of production, but at the very best they’ll simply be in production of already finished scripts, but the best estimates have 9 episodes of Season 7 in the can. Leaving Fox with a number of hard choices if the strike isn’t resolved soon. Option number 1 is to go on in January with what episodes they do have, stopping when they’ve run out, but given the ratings success they’ve had with airing all episodes back to back with no breaks or repeats, I’m guessing they wouldn’t really want to do that. The other option is to postpone the show indefintely until the strike is over and production has gotten back up to speed.

I’ll post more news on this when I have it.

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