Which Forgotten Favourite Would You Most Like To See Return To The Show?

You’ve been answering for the last two weeks, and the results: –

Mandy : 37%
Theo Stoller : 26%
Richard Walsh : 12%
Yusuf Auda : 6%
Diane Huxley : 5%
Walt Cummings : 4%
Bob Warner : 3%
Paula Schaeffer : 2%
Alberta Green : 1%
Robert Ellis : 1%
Shari Rothenberg : 1%
Jonathan Wallace : 1%

So Mandy would be your choice, although Theo Stoller was in the lead for a fair while, a good showing for a character whose only been in two episodes.

And now, in the new poll, I’m asking for the second time, Which Character Most Deserves A Banner?, this one was going to wait until just before the new series started, but since we don’t know when that will be, so i’m putting it up now. Voting ends on Christmas Eve, and i’ll endeavour to have the selected characters banner up before New Year.

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