Day 7 Still Stalled

So the WGA strike continues and with no sign from Fox that there willing to air anything but a non-stop season, Day 7 remains a mirage on the horizon.

It raises the question, what can you do to keep getting your ’24 fix’ until Day 7 does eventually arrive? Well since you asked, there are a couple of things.

The 24fans forum always remains a friendly place to talk about 24 and related subjects, where you can take part in activities such as The Day 7 Fanfic Challenge aimed at exploring the possibilities for the show in it’s seven year.

– If your desperate to know when a resolution to the strike could be nearing, Deadline Hollywood Daily is the place to be. While Youtube delivers less complete coverage but with sound, video and humour. But for those not wanting to chase info about the strike and it’s effect on the show around the internet, rest assure I’ve post anything and everything of note on when the show will be back.

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