S7 To Be Split In Two?!?

TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello has just posted in is usual wednesday online “Ask Ausiello” column of the several possible options facing Fox and the shows producers when the writer’s strike does end. The first big thing is that the apparent consensus is there is no way a full 24 episode run could air this season.

… although Fox hasn’t confirmed it, I’ll go out on a limb and say Jack Bauer isn’t returning this season. Even if the strike ends tomorrow, the earliest the show could get back on the air is this summer — and there’s no way in hell Fox is dumping 24 onto the summer season.

That leaves Fox and everyone else with a bit of thinking to do.

One solution is to just kick off Season 7 next January, but by then Jack will have been in hiding for nearly two years.

I’d say that’s a real stinker of an idea, since while the core audience is waiting around for now to atleast give season 7 a chance, I’m not sure they will wait forever. But Ausiello does offer up an alternative.

Another, and much more controversial, scenario being bandied about involves taking the eight episodes currently in the can and creating a 10- to 14-episode mini-season to air in the fall. That would be followed by another 10- to 14-episode mini-season — featuring a completely different plot — during the second half of the season.

Now, I know that possibility isn’t going to be all that popular with fans although I think that the “season of two half’s” as it where need not necessarily be two separate storylines. Those of us who have been watching 24 for any length of time know many previous seasons can be broken into two quite distinct halfs. They could simply formalise that a bit more and do what many shows now do and have a “mid-season cliffhanger”, which could even fit in with suggestions heard from some of the 24’s writing staff during S7’s preproduction that they may break the real time format for the first time ever and have a time jump mid season to get Jack from one location to another.

It’s a hard choice, but i’d rather split the season, than have to wait another 12 months! for new 24. Let us know what you think in the comments and on the forums. Click the link below to read the entire article.

source : tv-guide.com

2 thoughts on “S7 To Be Split In Two?!?”

  1. Sounds almost like splitting it in 3 rather than 2… I think the only risk of doing this is that they overload people with 24. 24 has been shown to suffer when the plot runs dry – unless they really get their act together, I’m not sure 24 can survive having 28 – 36 episodes within a year…

    That said, I’d certainly watch it if they did do this.

    I worry that the 24 writers have forgotten that good characters make a good series. They seemed to have ignored this fact last season – everyone we like has been killed off except Chloe and Jack. Chloe has pretty much done everything that can be done and Jack the same. We don’t really see anything new of Jack except him running around, shooting people and shouting at them… Lets hope this changes in series 7.

    Equally, the ‘other’ story that each series has, based around the president has often interested me more than the ‘main’ story. I felt that failed somewhat last year – partly due to the location, partly due to the characters. I really enjoyed the set and the characters for Series 5’s president story, while series 7 seemed to somewhat rehash what we’ve seen before both in set (underground bunker) and story (should we attack them, shouldn’t we etc etc)…

  2. Strikes are a waste of time! let me just start with saying that!! I like the idea of getting it going in the fall but two story idea hmmm i think if they start compromising on its original vision and change the format to much we can say this is probably the beginning of the end of 24.

    The best bet would be a season 1 style break again, this was done back then just in case 24 didn’t do well it could have ended on the 12th episode instead.

    Jack Killed Mr Gains and got his family back! everything all great but hang on! a 2nd hitman has entered!! tick tock….if they did this sorta idea for season 7 gap then i think i can live with that fine but when you compared to the non top greatness of day 5 i think this is all really crap idea! they shouldn’t split the story really.

    Rob x

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