Michelle Most Deserves A Banner

After a long drawn out and very tight vote Michelle Dessler has just come out on top, and will be the next character to receive a banner.

The very close results were as follows.

Michelle Dessler : 19%
Kim Bauer : 18%
Bill Buchanan : 18%
Aaron Pierce : 14%
Edgar Stiles : 7%
Audrey Raines : 6%
Curtis Manning : 5%
Wayne Palmer : 5%
Sherry Palmer : 4%
Mike Novick : 3%

The new poll asks you who your vote for president would be. Since this is a vote of no consequence i’d suggest people vote for who they really would prefer in the white house, and not be influenced by who is more likely to win party nominations etc. I’m kinda curious to get an idea of the political views of visitors.

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