Surnow Leaves Show

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – “24” co-creator Joel Surnow, the highest-profile mastermind behind the Emmy-winning drama, abruptly left the show Wednesday.

His contract with the show’s production company, 20th Century Fox TV, was set to expire April 30, but the studio agreed to his request for an early release so that he could make “a clean break” and focus on new projects, sources said.

“Joel created one of the landmark series of this decade in “24” and his contribution to its creative excellence over the years has been immeasurable,” Fox said in a statement Wednesday. It added that his input would always be welcome.

Surnow created the real-time thriller with Robert Cochran, who continues to work on the series. In the past few years, the show has been run by executive producer Howard Gordon. Each season revolves around 24 hours in the life of a government agent (Kiefer Sutherland) who battles villains on all fronts.

I was hoping to bring you news today of exactly how and when the show would return, but instead comes the news that Co-creator Joel Surnow has left his role as Executive Producer.

Good luck to Joel in future endeavours.

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2 thoughts on “Surnow Leaves Show”

  1. well well. does that decision need questioning? with what 24 has become, one of its fathers leaving can simply mean that surnow isn’t satisfied with it anymore – and won’t watch it fall. now my fears are even stronger as to what will happen in s7.

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