Writers Strike All But Over, But When Will 24 Return?

Okay, every media outlet is now reporting the strike is all but over. In all likelihood Showrunners and WGA members with producer duties will return to work on Monday as producers, for 24 that would probably just be Howard Gordon, with full writing staff probably returning on Wednesday.

So what does this all mean for 24?

Howard Gordon, the show runner for “24” on Fox, said he has been busy contacting his writing staff.

He said production could feasibly resume six weeks after the writers boot up their laptops. But the drama’s unique storytelling device, with each of the 24 one-hour episodes equaling a day in the life of terrorist-fighter Jack Bauer, has complicated matters.

“24” typically runs from January to May, but Fox delayed the premiere indefinitely rather than airing an incomplete season consisting of eight episodes that were on hand.

Fox has not decided when the show will return, Gordon said, but is considering three scenarios: airing 12 episodes as soon as possible and returning in the fall for the last 12, running all 24 episodes in the fall or waiting to premiere in January 2009.

I’ll let you know when Fox has decided on which of those three options for the return of the show. If they go with the first and decide to air the first 12 episodes as soon as possible, that would mean a likely return somewhere between mid to late March. That would personally be my first choice, sound off in the comments about your preferred choice.

source : latimes.com

6 thoughts on “Writers Strike All But Over, But When Will 24 Return?”

  1. latimes.com link is broken – I just get a blank white page. Can’t find it from the main latimes.com page either…

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I would be okay with either the first or second options – splitting 12/12 would be fine, and may actually increase viewership by bringing in some baseball fans in the fall as well. Waiting until January feels like a mistake – that’s a VERY long time to hope people will wait.

  3. I think that if 24 does not come back ASAP it may lose some of its fanbase. People are tired of reruns and may get hooked on other shows.

  4. since the show stopped, I’ve ordered the dvds from the beginning of the season and watched them all. Now I am ready for the show to return ASAP PLEASE!!!!!!!

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