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Are You Excited About The S7 Prequel Movie?

March 24th, 2008

Yes, apparently ….

Yeah, I Can’t Wait : 60%
I Just Want More 24 As Soon As Possible : 35%
Unsure : 3%
Sounds Like A Terrible Idea : 2%

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Howard Gordon Talks TV Movie

March 13th, 2008

Web Magazine “IF” has word from Exec Producer and Show-runner Howard Gordon on the 2 Hour TV Movie.

“This will be a standalone movie that takes place almost a year after the sixth season ended, and will set up the story that launches the seventh season,” Gordon tells iF. “It will be entirely new material.”

I guess we can take this as official confirmation and put aside any doubts raised by HQ. That quote is a bit vague, and gives no real indication on real time being dropped or the movie’s structure. Though it will be intriguing to see how it’s dealt with, it could be a test run for a future big screen adventure.

As ever more when I get it.

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Are You Excited About The S1 Special Edition DVD?

March 10th, 2008

Opinion quite evenly split on this one, more than I expected, with 60% looking forward to it to some degree. The full results below : –

Hell Yeah!, It’s The One I’ve Been Waiting For ! : 31%
Yeah, Looks Good : 29%
“Shrug” : 21%
Looks Like A Waste Of Money : 19%

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2 Hour Prequel TV Movie Coming This Fall!!!

March 6th, 2008

So it turns out Jack isn’t taking all of 2008 off after all. According to Hollywood Reporter, the show’s producers are currently developing a 2 hour TV movie which will bridge the gap between seasons 6 and 7, which will air this fall. I think this is a great compromise between not wanting to split the season in two and not wanting to leave us waiting a whole year for more ’24’.

No word yet, but I think there’s a strong possibility the real-time format may be broken to fit as much action and information as possible into the two hours.

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UPDATE : Friday March 7th
Hq, a 24 blog run by a Fox staffer with “insider info”,  just posted saying ….

The Hollywood Reporter ran the story too early and the deal is not 100% official. It may not even happen. So don’t believe everything you read, eh?

So this might not be 100% confirmed as defintely going to happen, although places like have been the running the story with mentions of Fox confirmation …

Fox has confirmed that a two-hour prequel to the upcoming, long-delayed seventh season of 24 is in the works, set to hit the airwaves this fall.

Ofcourse then they go on to mention the original Hollywood Reporter story as there source for the rest of there story. When some of this confusion gets cleared up i’ll let you know.