24 Leaps Ahead – Updated

According to a New York Post online story, the new season of 24 will take place roughly four years after the events of season six. The story notes …

For those keeping score at home, that means that 17 TV years have passed since Season 1, when Bauer first took on the Eastern European bad guys bent on revenge and destruction – and he was said to be 35 years old.

Meaning Jack will be 52! give or take, although he’ll look extremely good for his age, since Kiefer is only 41. Fox it would seem are simply try to laugh it off with quotes like this …

“Luckily, like all great iconic characters, Jack Bauer is ageless.”

Sound off in the comments about what you think.

Update: As a commentor pointed out, the articles maths are out, having double checked the maths, 13 years will have actually passed since the events of Series One, making Jack a more reasonable 48 in Day Seven.

source : nypost.com

5 thoughts on “24 Leaps Ahead – Updated”

  1. Hmm, actually having done the math now, yeah, your right, it will be 13 years, not 17. Either way you cut it though, a gap of 4 years between seasons still seems quite odd.

  2. Jack’s age has never been revealed anyway. Kiefer was just 35 when he filmed Season 1.

  3. Well on the show anyway. The American Express card digital shorts said his birthday was February 18, 1966. I don’t know if those are considered cannon.

  4. Jack’s birthday was given as being 1966 in the canonical Day 6 Debrief, making him 35 on Day 1, 9 years before.

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