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What Do You Think Of Jon Voight’s Casting?

July 21st, 2008

Great News : 57%
Good News : 18%
Unsure : 10%
Who? : 10%
Terrible : 5%

New poll asks what you think of the 24: Exile trailer I posted a few days ago.

24 Is Back In … “Exile”

July 18th, 2008

Their has been a recent flood of news on the Day 7 Prequel, which is now “24: Exile”. The President Of Fox Entertainment notes…

“it tees off the season — it’s a separate day … It’s the day of the election of the president and swearing in, It’s a self-contained two hours.”

Which would seem to suggest it will indeed not be real time, although there are conflicting reports about that still. Meanwhile Kiefer has a few thoughts …

“It sets up the conflict that starts in the prequel and is carried all the way through Season 7.”

To finish with here’s a trailer for “24: Exile” that was aired recently at a press event, although clearly it was a slightly rushed job on the voice over.

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