One thought on “What Do You Think Of Jon Voight’s Casting?”

  1. hey i wasn’t able to see the preview but anywayz it is so crazy cuz i live in chatsworth ca. and they had the season 4 ctu the one with theblue walls right across the street from my job and lately i’ve been seeing a lot of film crews there i was wondering even if ctu dosen’t exist no more will they still be using that place maybe as a wanna be d.c office or something, anywayz i haven’t heard any of u guys thoughts on how tony survived the o.d was he in it with chris henderson or what, hey i also seen jack on 3 occasions he likes to kick it and have a few drinks at a bar called mclucks on the corner of devonshire and canoga it’s crazy i was soo star struck i couldn’t even say anything yo on the realz also a funnything that happened was my freinds wife works on the strret were they park all the trailers for 24 and she was driving and had to slam on the brakes to keep from hitting jack as he crossed in front of her on a bike on his way to one of the trailers, not really jack bauer like reflexes but still a funny story and true

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