24: Exile DVD Details

The Season Seven prequel, entitled “24: Exile” will air in the US on Sunday 23rd of November, and a US Region 1 release of the special episode will follow only 2 days later on the 25th, which will reportedly contain an extended cut of the episode (don’t they always?) plus two featurettes, a Season 6 summary plus Season 7 trailer and Season 7’s “first act”. The set is currently available for pre-order for $19 from Amazon.com.

For UK and International visitors, the details aren’t quite as clear cut. Sky One are on the record as saying they will air 24: Exile sometime in November, but you can bet they won’t be airing it until Fox have, which narrows it down to the last week in November. The DVD release is also listed on Amazon.co.uk, claiming the DVD released on November 25th will be available for “all regions”, but we’ve seen that before, it’s likely that it will be available for import but that you’ll only be able to play it on a multi-region or region 1 dvd player. An all regions release on the 25th would likely upset a few national broadcasters.

As ever more news when I have it.

source : tvshowsondvd.com

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