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From Exile To Redemption

September 8th, 2008

Just catching up on some news about the S7 Prequel TV movie. Previously called “24: Exile” is now officially titled “24: Redemption”, which is a curious name change and I wouldn’t be surprised if thats simply for DVD marketing sake, and that TV advertising for the first run and in show titles will simply be “24”.

Now for some updated news of the DVD, A UK Region 2 release has been confirmed for the 1st of December, which fits in with what we previously reported about Sky One airing the TV movie in the last week of November.

Dates for your diary.
Sunday 23rd November : US TV Airing
Tuesday 25th November : US DVD Release
Last Week November : UK TV Airing
Monday 1st December : UK DVD Release

Season Seven Production To Stop Again

September 8th, 2008

According to various reports, production on Season Seven will take a 2 week break on September 25th after Episode 18 is done filming. The reason cited is that Howard Gordon isn’t satisfied with scripts and story ideas for the final 6 episodes, and given they’ve almost got 18 episodes of the season proper done with regular episodes not due to start airing until January it would be stupid not to pause to catch breath.

This is far from the first time production has stopped or been delayed on Season Seven, while in pre-production several different storylines and arcs where dismissed as “the wrong direction” or simply “too expensive”, which meant a delayed start to Production. Then came the writers strike which hit with only between 6 and 8 episodes written, which forced Fox to put back the season by a whole year.

It’s been extremely hard to judge the positives and negatives of the previous halts to production, but this one is entirely positive, and quite frankly was surely a no-brainer. Noises from the Kiefer and various Exec Producers have been very happy about the season they’ve produced up to this point, and what trailers we’ve been given certainly grabbed us. Hopes are high, the fate of a potentially lucrative franchise will live or die with this season. If it’s not almost pitch perfect it’ll be the swansong, get it right and a big screen outing is only a matter of time. And so if your not entirely happy with the last 6 episodes, then you’ve got to take a step back.

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