From Exile To Redemption

Just catching up on some news about the S7 Prequel TV movie. Previously called “24: Exile” is now officially titled “24: Redemption”, which is a curious name change and I wouldn’t be surprised if thats simply for DVD marketing sake, and that TV advertising for the first run and in show titles will simply be “24”.

Now for some updated news of the DVD, A UK Region 2 release has been confirmed for the 1st of December, which fits in with what we previously reported about Sky One airing the TV movie in the last week of November.

Dates for your diary.
Sunday 23rd November : US TV Airing
Tuesday 25th November : US DVD Release
Last Week November : UK TV Airing
Monday 1st December : UK DVD Release

6 thoughts on “From Exile To Redemption”

  1. Thanks for keeping us UK 24 fans up to date with when Redemption will be aired/released! Any idea whether it will be getting a blu ray release?

  2. There is no news about a Blu-ray release, but since no other 24 DVD’s have yet received Blu-ray releases, I wouldn’t count on it.

  3. Thanks. Its a pity though because most shows now seem to be coming out on Blu-Ray. Prison Break, Lost and even Smalllville’s seventh season is coming out on Blu-Ray despite the previous seasons being on DVD (apart from 6 which I think came out on HD-DVD).
    24 would look great in HD Im sure…

  4. I do not like the new title at all! 🙁 They shoulda stuck to exile, it sounds betters. Redemption sounds very tacky. Exile was far from perfect but at least i could live with that that title.

    Jack hasnt really done anything so terrible that he needs to go to africa to redeem himself! (Im guessing that what its trying to imply?)…It doesnt make any sense. However exile suggested he went there to get away from America or something else. From what we’ve seen i could seen exile working better as the title

    Either way I’m still excited about the special and its looking very good…just wish they had a title to match.

  5. “Jack hasnt really done anything so terrible that he needs to go to africa to redeem himself!”

    Yeah, but he hasn’t been Exiled has he??

  6. 24 marathon of Day 6 on Sky1 UK on 29th November thru till 30th November.

    Confirmed by Sky1 that 24: Redemption will be on in November.

    Possible that when the 24 Marathon ends 24:R will be shown? (not confirmed but a good guess)

    Sunday’s are back!

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