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So the Season Eight Premiere has come and gone, and obviously it would be slightly odd for it to pass without some new post on a site called “24fans”. This is just a quick post to let you know what you can expect from the site over the course of Day Eight.

Unfortunately both myself and J_A reside outside of America, meaning we can’t post along with the U.S. schedule. Myself I will be posting my thoughts on the new episodes as they air in the U.K. roughly a week after the U.S., and if you wish hard enough I’m sure J_A will share her thoughts on a Tony-less Eighth Day.

We’re also always on the look out for new contributors, so if you fancy posting your thoughts on the latest episodes where a lot of fellow fans can read and disagree with you, get in contact with me at [email protected] with a little bit about your self, along with a sample piece about the new season of atleast 200 words.

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  1. hey

    just a quick word, J_A will be able to watch the show streaming after all. i won’t be downloading, but I’ll watch. now, due to the fact that 24 is aired on a sunday, and all of my weeknights are all full with krav maga training – with the exception of tuesday, which I use to watch my episodes of Dirty sexy money OR preferably to do my own 24 fanfiction writing – it looks like I’ll be watching roughly at a UK pace as well.

    so… I’ll watch last night’s eps most likely on the coming saturday or sunday and will probably take the opportunity to write a few words about them. that being said, I do have an aritcle about myself that I need to edit for someone so that will have priority clearance on chloe’s desk. uhm.. I mean, on mine.

    hope the eps were good.

    Almeida Be With Us.

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