More Reactions to the Cancellation of “24”

The folks on our affiliate site, AlmeidaIsGod have essentially felt the same about the show during this season. In a similar half-point season review to mine, Kasia put her thoughts down a couple of days ago, too.

I am just kind of bored with the show this season. I think that’s part of the reason why the Episode Summaries have been such a struggle, not just for me but for all of the writers… I have sort of reached the point now where I just don’t care enough anymore…

Following the news of cancellation, Kas, a true Almeidaist, tweets:

It really sucks hardcore that #24 will end its series run on network television without closure to the Tony Almeida character. … I’m not really that sad though, that’s the t hing. Maybe it is time to euthanize it? Does that sound too bitter? … Strangely I’m more sad about Lost ending than 24. Season 8 has disappointed me.

Who knows. Maybe they will bring Tony back in the movie… Hope dies last.

8 thoughts on “More Reactions to the Cancellation of “24””

  1. NOOOO Don’t end 24…. Need my Monday night fix. I have read so many comments on websites to keep the show going I just don’t get why they want to cancel. Yes, this season started a bit wonky, but diehards kept watching. I’ve actually talked to a few people who thought this season is great!
    Kiefer, you said as long as people watch you would continue…. WE ARE WATCHING!! Maybe it was the Olympics that caused a little glitch in the viewership. Not for me! And, you are NOT too old. Maybe when you are 60 you could just go back to running CTU eh?
    Also, bring back TONY. Maybe it could be that he was bad just to bring out the real bad guys. Something like season 4 when Jack and Tony and Guyel set up the Salazars!!
    Just can’t see how a two hour movie would do what 24 hours of 24TV does but I’ll go just to see JACK and CHLOE and TONY!&?
    Keep up the great work people !!!!!
    Don’t kill 24!!

  2. I think everyone’s criticizing the 8th season prematurely. It’s really hard to judge a season until you’ve watched it through on DVD. I actually think this is a great season–maybe not as good as most of the others–but, still, pretty well packed with intrigue, action, plot twists, and obstacles to Jack.

    I know the writing is getting very difficult. And, if there’s anything critical to say, it’s that the plot is becoming predictable (that’s from us becoming experts after 8 years of watching).

  3. I know I’ll miss it, and when those final seconds tick away, it will be a strange feeling knowing that there is no more. But from the creative point of view, it was the right call. They were repeating themselves too much and they’d reached a point where it was getting too hard to come up with 18 full hours of storyline (the 60-minute hours, not the 42-minute series hours). It’s not fair of them to keep stalling for time either and to give us lame storylines as timefillers just to get through the season.

  4. i don’t really understand why so many are not liking this season. i am truly loving it. i’ve seen every season and i think this is one of the best. the show has stayed fresh in my mind for the past 8 seaons. i have accepted the end and will miss the show forever.

  5. I think that the remaining eps will be good. they’ve probably been building up to SOMETHING. and ep 14, which i’ve just seen was good too. although we have had another return of a story element. someone having a heart attack and being withheld help… hello sherry palmer and alan millikan, s3.


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