Mourning In Real Time: Reactions to Cancellation

There have been a diverse range of reactions to the news that the show has been cancelled and will not return four a Ninth Season.

Many of you in the comments are very disappointed, while others are obviously sad that the show is coming to an end (atleast on TV)…

I am mourning 24 in real time.” – Damon Lindelof (Co-creator of Lost)

Others are slightly more philosophical about the cancellation…

I think it’s time myself. I have loved this show for years but even I can tell its time has come.” – Melia (

And I would have to agree that it’s time. Ofcourse i’d thought that during seasons 4 & 6, and in reality i’d thought after the excellent first season that a second was unlikely. The format was completely geared to being “unique” and different, and that a second season obviously won’t be, and there would be no way for them to replicate what made the first season so gripping. In many ways they have never been able to get back to the highs of the first season, although they got very close with Day Five.

With every season there has been a feeling that the clock truly was ticking on the format, that it was getting harder and harder to come up with the original ideas to drive the show forward.

The Eighth season has had it’s critics, me and J_A have been two of them. And so I think it’s time had come, they’ve taken this decision at the right time and we can have some solace in it appearing to be a creative decision by Kiefer and the other Executive Producers and not a decision taken by Fox, which hopefully means the second half of Season Eight should build towards a fitting climax which can serve a series finale whilst laying some foundations for future movie adventures.

Personally i’m very excited at the possibility of a 24:Movie, because i’ve held the opinion from very early on in Season Eight that strip away some of the annoying sub-plots and rearrange a few things and the core story of Day Eight could have been a kick-ass storyline for the Movie.

As an addicted, wouldn’t shut-up about fan of the show since Day One, Hour One, Minute One (The show had me hooked inside 30 seconds) I’m sad to see the clock stop ticking on TV, but the future is still bright with a Movie now more likely than ever before, and you can rest assured the site will continue to be here as a source of news and views for the foreseeable future.

4 thoughts on “Mourning In Real Time: Reactions to Cancellation”

  1. As an addicted, wouldn’t shut-up about fan of the show since Day One, Hour One, Minute One (The show had me hooked inside 30 seconds) I’m sad to see the clock stop ticking on TV

    Yeah, that’s me, too. I like to say I got hooked on the show the moment I saw the first advertisment for it on TV. It looked like everything I’d ever looked for on TV and never found. And when it finally rolled around, it had me. Like they say, “It’s like crack, man.” 😀

    Eight (or is it nine) years later, it’s all about to end. And although I’ve felt throughout this season that the show was done as far as 24-hour-TV format goes, thinking about it forever coming to an end on May 24th still does make me sad. And I can’t – or don’t dare – imagine how I’ll feel knowing that there will absolutely be no more after those final few seconds tick away.

  2. Don’t mean to be naïve.
    Can’t we start some sort of global fan campaign to let them make another season or two?

    Although I can understand hardy24’s point I’m rather with jack_addict’s opinion. I don’t want to waste a lot of tissues the day the final seconds of S8 are aired. What a horrible imagination!!!

    I feel like there are millions of supporters around the world, that feel similar.

  3. another_24_addict,

    The fan campaigns which have saved shows from cancellation in the past have all come in situations where the network has cancelled a show because of ratings but the producers of the show wanted to carry on. In this case it’s the producers of the show which are calling it a day.

    So it’s not that the producers aren’t being allowed to make more. So a fan campaign would likely be ineffective.

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