It’s a Wrap: “24” Ends For Good

Not too many hours ago, in Hollywood’s artificial New York, filming of “24” has come to an end. Never again will lights get switched on at the set of “24” – The Series.

Hope remains for those of us who’ll be left wanting MORE, as Howard Gordon hopes we will, as the movie is taking shape. But as far as the Series goes, the clock has tick-tocked for the last time.

Like you might have noticed in some of our previous posts, some of the 24 crew are present on Twitter. On “24”‘s final day, they have shared their thoughts, too. At a guess, the atmosphere on the set must have been quite emotional. Below are some Tweets and two final-day images courtesy of Rodney Charters.

Annie Wersching (Renee Walker):

“9 years ago, in 2001 I had just moved to LA and started watching 24 in my beatup studio apt in Hollywood and became a forever Fan.  9 yrs later, after 3 years/2 seasons 24 has again truly changed my life forever…here’s to the end of an era and to truly one of of the most groundbreaking, original and kick ass shows of all time!”

James P Morrison (Bill Buchanan):

” Thinking about my 24 pals on their last day. I’m a better man having worked w/you all. Glad I’m not there tho. I cry best by myself ;)”

Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe O’Brien):

“I’m going to miss all these damn people- 24 family…”

Jon Cassar:

“I’m sadder today about #24 coming to an end then when I left over a year ago. I guess there was comfort in knowing it was still being made.”

Rodney Charters:

“Last scene with ML; wow strange disjointed atmosphere on set.”

The Lights go out on New York:

The Good-Bye Cake:

A little Twitter exchange between Cassar and Charters:

“I’m a little emotional this morning looking at your final pictures from the set. We all knew it had to end, but it still smarts.”
“Back at you Jon you were missed but very present if you know what I mean.”
“Thanks for that. I feel sorry for the crews we work with in the future, because they’ll have to endure hundreds of #24 stories.”

And I’ll give the final word to Rodney:

“4:00am my body cannot believe there are No More Wake Ups to a day of work on the 24 set, its a new day and a song bird is warbling outside.
It was emotional and memorable, thought of Jon missing it in TO, cannot comprehend the friendships & joy of work we will all miss sharing. Huge thanx to all Peeps who follow us I will try and post images from the set as the final shows are aired. Buy the Blue Ray or use iPad. List of visitors: Gary Newman 2oth Chairman Joel Surnow Anil Kapoor Glen Morshower speeches choked back emotion lotta lovin. Bye Kiefer.”
Bye 24.

6 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap: “24” Ends For Good”

  1. My sister has watched 24 since season 1…When season 2 was about to begin, my mom and I borrowed the dvds of season 1 from a friend. We al have been hooked ever since…If I have to work, and miss an episode, I make sure to watch online. 24 will be missedas I now have nothing to watch on Monday nights. We are all looking forward to the movie!

  2. for the best, if they’re throwing all their final best ideas at series 8 that’s great, it can end on a high quality note but i suspect the end will be depressing for Jack Bauer. I am hoping for a series 3 kind of end to be honest

  3. i watched season 6 and not before. i had to buy the other seasons so i could know the other characters. anyway i will never miss that show. if the movie is happening please please bring back tony almeida

  4. people, PLEASE use some punctuation in your comments. wrong spelling is one thing, maybe you just don’t know better. but a complete lack of punctuation makes things very difficult to read and understand. i’ve edited your replies now…

    @taylor: i suspect they’re going to bring back tony in the finale and kill him.

  5. Quite possibly the best show I have ever seen in my life. Nothing will ever replace it.

  6. So I’m behind.. I didn’t see 1 episod on TV during the “24” years. I’ve heard people talk about the show but never had the time to watch. So.. I picked it up on Netflix starting with the first 1. I’m so hooked it isn’t funny. I have to tell myself to only watch 2 before bed or I will not stop! Started watching about 3 weeks ago and I’m well into Season 2 – number 10.

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