Howard Gordon Talks About the Final Season and the Movie Plans

In a recently published article on, Howard Gordon talks about the show’s past, present and future, the status of the big-screen edition of 24, and how he wants 24 to be remembered.

The article does not really contain spoilers, so don’t be afraid to read it.

Below are a few excerpts from the article, answers to questions you might be asking yourself.

Q: When’s the soonest that fans could realistically expect a feature film?
A: … It could be as early as next year depending on how things come together.

Q: How do you want “24” the series to be remembered?
A: We loved this show from the very first hour to the last hour, so I hope people think of it being consistently at that quality and that it’s never dipped too terribly – except for Season 6.

Q: Can you tease to the rest of the season?
A:  We’ve taken a risk in the last eight episodes. It was challenging to the writers [and] to the actors. […] Without spoiling what’s to come, it’s pretty dark and complex and a place that was uncomfortable for us to write and for some of the actors to act. We really swung for the fences. […]

Q: How has this decision creatively impacted the ending?
A: There have been a couple other season enders that would have been spectacular series enders – Season 4, Season 5 and last year [Season 7]. I was more aware this time of ending something that really felt surprising but not cheap; emotionally consistent. Some will throw their shoes at the screen, inevitably some will be angry, some will say they hated it the last three years. […] I’m hoping the first feeling people have is, “Damn, I miss it, I want more.”

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3 thoughts on “Howard Gordon Talks About the Final Season and the Movie Plans”

  1. The bit about throwing shoes at the screen actually makes me wonder if they did, after all, bring Almeida back in play just so Jack could kill him. That would definitely be something finite, something so final and irreparable… Many Almeidaists have been whining about the series ending without closure to the Almeida character – this option would most definitely be a closure – but it’s NOT the closure Almeidaists want!

    I wouldn’t put it past Gordon and his team of writers, though. Seeing how creatively exhausted they’ve been, and how writing the show has been a pain in the butt, I’m sure they’d think THIS would be a spectacular series ender…

    And it would efficiently and effectively kill all hopes we’ve heeded for Almeida to come back in The Movie. 🙁

  2. I think Kim’s going to die :/ just have this bad feeling it’s like the last real bad thing that can happen to jack now

  3. i think kim’s just about the only character who’s safe. last we know, she was taking a plane to return to california. unless, of course, if she never made it to L.A. and got herself kiMnapped again. but that’d be really over the top, imho.

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