Movie set for 2012 release? – Kiefer & Grazer

Brian Grazer whose production company Imagine Entertainment produced the show has tweeted…

“Got off the phone Keifer yesterday and we are very excited about producing the ‘24′ movie for next year.”

Kiefer has also within the last month told TV show “The View” that the film would be released in 2012.

A note of caution, while all this sounds very positive, it should be noted that there is no firm word on a script, since Fox vetoed Billy Ray’s script and until a script and plot have been signed off then any greenlight from Fox and release date is probably provisional.

As ever more when we get it.

3 thoughts on “Movie set for 2012 release? – Kiefer & Grazer”

  1. I cant wait till 2012 b4 the release of another season of 24.
    Kieffer, i really love 24, pls cant u release it by November 2011.
    Jack more grease to ur elbow

  2. i really want to see the 24 movie. i have to admit, the last two seasons of 24 were a complete disaster. i believe this is partly so because most of the stars we grew to admire were either killed or miraculously went misin. how about a 24 movie with dennis haysbert as president, bill buchanan and ryan schapelle in full flight. ryan can be the secretary of defence, whiles karen hayes is secretary of state. the movie will centre on a story similar to the destruction of the world trade centre, followed by jack bauer and his team going after the osama behind it. that will be fine.

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