David Fury Tweets Regarding ‘Live Another Day’

Not much has been heard from official channels about ‘Live Another Day’, but one of the writers David Fury has been tweeting little bits of information of the past few months. Below is a summary. Note that these are from a period of several months and things do change, so take everything with a pinch of salt.

Writing Staff

Q: any more writers join you and @HowardMGordon yet ? #24LiveAnotherDay” A: Evan Katz, Manny Coto, so far…

Q: how many eps do you get to write? A: More than 1, less than 12.


David had this to say about the decision to make a new 12 episode day ’12 is becoming the norm in TV, thanks to cable. Story still takes place in 24 hr period. Nothing at all to do w/ movie.’

There was some debate on what the starting time of the day will be (i.e. 7am – 7am etc.) my suggestion to him was ‘go old school! Midnight to midnight!’ His reply was : We just may…

Q: Will this season see a return to the smaller-scale, more personal plots / threats, as in season 1? A: That’s our desire.


Q: Do you guys have any idea WHERE Live Another Day takes place? A: Yes.

Q: where is 24 LAD taking place next season and will CTU be back? A: Too soon to announce where; CTU’s return unlikely.

Q: All the season will take place outside of US or only a few episodes? A: Most, if not all.

Q: will 24 take place in Europe ? A: Probably.

Q: Very important question, will all the old crew be returning?? They are vital to 24… Rodney Charters especially A: Since we’re shooting out of the country, it unfortunately may not be possible.

Q: CTU’s return unlikely? So #24LiveAnotherDay not settled in LA or NY? A: London is more likely, mate.

Returning Characters

Q: is there any real chance to see Mandy (Mia Kirshner) again? #24LAD A: Always.

Q: any news on the return of Tony Almeida?? A: No.

Q: are u any closer to deciding if Tony Almeida will return for 24: Live Another Day?? A: Still looking for way..

Q: is there a chance that Michelle Dessler is still alive and working for terrorists … A: In your dreams.

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