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Where to start?, like most reviews I’m really not sure, but I think maybe I shouldn’t open with a barrage of insults so that thoose of you who have liked series four so far keep on reading, so here goes nothing. On the whole it as better than last week, but that’s about all it had going for it. It did show flashes of what we recognise of ’24’, it had Jack acting like nothing can touch him, acting like the Jack we know. It had some tense moments (which is the shows trademark) and it had some good acting. Why then am I writing these positive comments without any real enthusiam that I normally do when I truly believe that an episode was great and I want the world to know it was. Well that’s because I didn’t feel this episode was great, infact by ’24’s standards I don’t even think that it was good, and quite frankly if I wanted to get a friend to start watching the show, this is probably the last episode I would show them. I apologise to those who believe that so far Series Four has been good and thinks that those who have been critised it have been out of order, but I’m just calling it as I see it.

Pure and Simple I didn’t feel the episode had the same urgency or drive that the show had in the first and second series. You know I have to stop summing up my view point in one line, it’s a real killer when trying to get these reviews to a decent length. Although I could list the reasons why I hold the view that I do, yeah that would probably make sense. Apart from Jack’s scenes while holding up the petrol station, I simply didn’t care all that much about what happened in them, I was mildly interested to hear Chloe’s lastest one-liners and even didn’t mind seeing some relationships develop between the new CTU staff but honestly the rest pretty much felt like a waste of time. Heller’s escape attempt was merely something for them to do apart from holding the moral high ground with completely distasteful lines like “is this what your religion teaches you?”, the “Son of Araz and Girlfriend of Son of Araz” (copyright 24fans.com 2005) storyline is as I’ve mentioned numerous times is a way to show how evil the Araz family are (which I also found entirely distasteful), all CTU subplots will be on the writers list of sins come judgement day and so there not really worth mentioning.

Why then, when I have this long list of things wrong with this episode, and the episode before it, and the two episodes before that, will I keep on watching (and I will keep on watching) and keep on updating this website, posting on the forum and writing these reviews?, well (and I know this sounds a little, well Dawson’s Creek and you might want to get out the violins) I believe it will get better, and it will again reach the heights we know it can and it will deliver some completely unmissable moments which will make it all worthwhile.

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