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After the relatively cold reception I gave the fourth series premiere in my review last week, I very much wanted this third episode to come out all guns blazing and let me hail a return to form for ’24’. Unfortunately, I simply can’t do so, I just wouldn’t sleep right giving this episode the unabiated praise I was so hoping to be able to give it. To do so would to completely ignore pretty much everything that happened while Jack wasn’t on screen, it’s as simple as that. Jack, with the help of Chloe are together doing there level best to keep the show to the quality it’s fans have become acustomed as well as trying to avert yet another terrorist threat, and unless the rest of the cast buck there ideas up and give Jack some help, he’s heading for an early grave for sure. All this best episodes were Jack’s even if there were slightly predictable and in some part a repetition of whats gone before. There worth a mention simply to have some positives in this review, and they was Jack saving Andrew Paige at the last second (more for it’s execution than anything else) and Jack holding up the petrol station, purely for it’s ‘same ol’ jack’ qualities than any shock value.

If you slept through all but Jack’s moments for this episode, or you truly watch this show which rose tinted spectacles then you maybe wondering, just want was so wrong with this episode, i’l tell you. To many new characters, with storylines I quite truthfully at this moment couldn’t care less about. The ongoing interrogation of Heller’s son, New CTU Second in Command and Aisha Taylor’s conflict of somekind and Son of Araz’s Girlfriend are just the three examples which spring immediately to mind, but i’m sure there are more that I haven’t mentioned. These three storylines which, as far as I can see serve no real purpose apart from padding. The interrogation is merely rehashing ground we’ve been over countless times before in a quite frankly uncomfortable way. New CTU second in command’s storyline (i’ll learn his name when he does something useful) does give us a new character (played by aisha taylor) who could be a half decent general CTU player, but not someone who I truly want to know that much about, atleast not at this early stage. Finally the girlfriend storyline is really only in the show to give them something to do (apart from son of araz delivering that briefcase, what else have they actually done to aid the terrorist??, did I blink and miss something??) and show (like I said last review) how EVIL(!!!) they are. This is an utter and complete guess (honest), but expect that tea which Mrs. Araz is making to contain something lethal in it.

I’m going to cut this review short, before I completely put everyone reading off the show. I’ll just some up my saying, that I fully expect the series to pick up significantly, remember that the best episodes in the shows history have come well into the a series, not at the beginning, and remember we have the ‘set in stone’ events which always happen in every series to look forward to, i.e. the surprise return of a character (or two) and a Jack significantly hurting a superior. Fingers crossed.

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