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10:00 A.M. – Alberta Green notifies the CTU staff that Martin Belkin is now a suspect in the Palmer assassination attempt. She asks Nina whether she has heard from Jack, but Nina denies speaking to him.Jack, meanwhile, drives Ted Cofell in a limousine. Cofell realizes that his regular driver is not behind the wheel, and reaches for his cell phone. Jack locks the doors, pulls over and draws his gun on the man. Cofell feigns innocence, claiming not to know about either Gaines or Jack’s family. Jack waits while he has Nina put together an interrogation file on Cofell.

Rick asks Teri and Kim not to say anything to him because Eli has sent him in to get information. Rick quickly leaves the shed, and Eli questions him outside. Not liking Rick’s empty answers, Eli beats him up.

10:09 A.M. – Nina is secretly researching Ted Cofell’s background when Alberta Green approaches with a question about the passenger list of the plane that went down. An empty seat in First Class was actually filled by Martin Belkin, and Nina has determined that a lookalike assassin was actually at the breakfast. Suddenly, Jack calls Nina again. Nina pretends that the caller is someone from FBI, and Alberta asks to speak to the agent. Nina is about to be caught in a lie, when Tony distracts Alberta to come to his desk. Nina goes back to Jack’s call and gives him the small amount of background on Cofell she could find. She describes Cofell as an ambitious control freak, and because he is so tightly wound, Nina advises that he could probably be persuaded with the threat of pain.

10:13 A.M. – Jack gets inside the limo’s backseat and questions Cofell again. Cofell admits to being on his way to a meeting with a machine tool businessman before he is to arrive at the airport. Jack has Nina run the name of Kevin Carroll. When he threatens to torture Cofell, the man still pleads innocence.

Andre Drazen arrives at the desert compound, unhappy with how Gaines has mishandled the operation. Drazen threatens to pull the plug, but gives Gaines thirty more minutes to find Jack. If Gaines does not succeed, Drazen will enact a contingency plan to complete the assassination against Palmer and kill Jack. He will then order Gaines to get rid of Teri and Kim. Nearby, Rick overhears the whole conversation.

Palmer is interrupted at his school visit when Mike Novick gets Carl on the phone. Although Palmer demands to speak to him in person, Carl brushes off any insinuations and says that he is not available. When Palmer threatens to spread information about him, Carl agrees to meet.

10:23 A.M. – Nina tells Jack that she found six people with the name Kevin Carroll, and one does work for a machine tool company. She suggests that perhaps Cofell is innocent. Jack, however, is insistent that Cofell is somehow involved. With no other lead to go on, Jack drives Cofell to meet with Carroll.

10:27 A.M. – Teri – Kim abdominal pain

As Jack drives, he doesn’t notice Cofell pull out a hidden Micro Tech Halo II knife.

Still posing for reporters at the elementary school, Palmer pulls Sherry aside and asks if she has recently spoken to Carl. She says that Carl claimed to “take care of the evidence” against Keith, but that she doesn’t know what that phrase means. Palmer is upset that she did not tell him about this, and alludes to a time when she deceived him seven years ago. Novick informs Palmer that he has checked into Jack’s background and found many gaps in his history that are classified. Palmer asks if one of those gaps was in the summer from two years ago. Novick is surprised that Palmer knows that, but before he can ask about it, Palmer says they have other things to deal with first.

10:35 A.M. – Jack pulls the limo into an empty parking garage where Cofell is supposed to meet Kevin Carroll. Jack gets in the backseat to wait, and Cofell lunges at him with the knife. Jack fights him off and punches Cofell. Cofell curses at Jack in a foreign language, and Jack recognizes it as Serbian. Cofell tells Jack that he deserves what is happening to him and that he will pay. Suddenly, Cofell suffers a heart attack. Jack holds the man’s medicine to entice him into revealing more information. When Cofell goes violently silent, Jack forces the medicine into his throat. Cofell spits the pill out. As Jack pounds his chest unsuccessfully, Cofell dies.

10:39 A.M. – Nina consoles Jack, but he believes that this hit on Palmer has some personal connection to himself. He has Nina find a link between his old field assignments and Cofell’s background, specifically looking at Operation Nightfall where Jack was in Belgrade and Kosovo. Jack props up the deceased Cofell in the back seat.

Since Alberta Green probably suspects that they are already helping Jack, Tony asks Nina whether they should just admit to what’s been going on. Nina holds firm to standing by Jack’s wishes. She does not want all of CTU involved for fear of unearthing another mole like Jamey. Tony doesn’t like it, but he accepts her decision.

Teri is trying to keep the sleepy Kim awake when Rick enters. He gives the women Dan’s gun that was left in the van. Teri understands that this time, Gaines intends to kill them.

10:45 A.M. – While Jack waits in the driver’s seat, another car enters the parking garage. The man known as Alan York gets into the backseat, not noticing that Cofell is dead. Jack locks the doors and turns to Kevin Carroll, who had been posing as York. Jack doesn’t flinch when Carroll draws a gun and shoots repeatedly at the partition. The partition doesn’t shatter because it’s bulletproof. Jack speeds off, jerking Carroll back and forth in the backseat, and then quickly slams on the brakes. Although Jack is held in by his seatbelt, Carroll slams, head first, into the partition.

10:51 A.M. – Jack traps the unconscious Carroll with tape and asks about Teri and Kimberly. Carroll tells him that they are safe, but if they don’t get there soon it may be too late. Since Jack is no longer under their control, there is no point in keeping Teri and Kim alive. If Carroll brings him to his family, Jack will allow him to walk away alive. If not, he will be tortured. Carroll agrees to direct him.

With the half-hour passed, Drazen has Gaines get rid of Teri and Kim. His contingency plan does not involve them. Gaines orders Eli to kill the women.

Carl arrives at the elementary school, and Palmer slips away from the reporters to speak with him. Palmer chides him for harming anyone in the name of his candidacy, but Carl claims that he never had any choice in the matter. The people that want Palmer in office will do anything to get him there. Palmer then leaves an urgent message on George Ferragamo’s answering machine.

10:59 A.M. – Eli comes into the shed, and Teri draws the gun on him. She fires, but the gun chamber is empty. Eli grabs Teri and pulls out his own gun. She knocks his gun aside and he flips open a pocketknife on Kim. Teri grabs the gun and shoots Eli. He falls dead. Since anyone listening will assume Eli meant to kill two people, Teri fires a second shot to simulate the second murder. They hide Eli’s body.

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