11AM – 12PM

11:00 A.M. – Jack has a tied up Kevin Carroll (formerly known as Alan York) lead him into the North Valley towards the compound where Teri and Kim are being held.Alberta Green tells her CTU staff that finding Jack has become the top priority. Nina lets Jack know that pressure is being put upon her to come clean, but he asks her to deny everything. He needs her to download satellite photos of Gaines’ compound to his handheld device. Nina tells Tony that she will still keep her communication with Jack hidden from Green, and Tony assures her that he will cover for her.

11:05 A.M. – Teri and Kim hide Eli’s corpse under a metal tub, but when his beeper goes off they realize that the other henchmen are looking for him. Teri takes Eli’s knife and Kim covers up the blood on the ground.

11:08 A.M. – As Jack waits outside Gaines compound, Nina pulls up satellite images from the surrounding area. She is worried when she sees a multitude of armed guards there. Before she sends the photos to his handheld device, she tries to persuade Jack to confess the truth to Alberta Green so that they can send him backup. Jack adamantly refuses, explaining that CTU involvement could jeopardize his family’s safety. He then puts Carroll in the driver’s seat to have him to drive onto the compound.

11:09 A.M. – Palmer tells his chief of staff, Mike Novick, about Carl’s plan to silence Keith’s therapist, George Ferragamo. Palmer admits his attempt to warn Ferragamo, and Novick is furious that Palmer would expose himself, jeopardizing the campaign.

11:11 A.M. – While Jack hides in the backseat with his gun trained, Carroll drives up to the gate and is allowed entry to the compound. Carroll tries to play mind games with Jack about Teri’s fidelity, but Jack ignores him and jams his gun into the back of Carroll’s head. Carroll points to a building where Teri and Kim may be held, and Jack knocks him out cold.

11:16 A.M. – Gaines, meanwhile, has his men empty out his control room. Rick is among them, and Gaines sends him to fetch Eli. Outside, Jack tracks the buildings on his handheld device and hides from the many armed guards.

11:20 A.M. – Palmer finally speaks to Ferragamo, but the doctor believes that the Senator is trying to threaten him again. Ferragamo immediately hangs up. Palmer has his driver to pull over. Although he is expected to give a speech in an hour, he wants to go to Ferragamo’s office.

11:22 A.M. – Teri and Kim are about to leave the shed when they hear someone come in. They wait with weapons ready, but are relieved to find that it is Jack. All three are overcome with emotion.

11:28 A.M. – Alberta Green is convinced that Nina and Tony know where Jack is, and she offers them the chance to tell the truth. Neither admits anything, and she separates the two with suspension from the CTU.

11:30 A.M. – Jack puts a chokehold on Rick when he comes in the shed, but Teri and Kim beg him to let go.

Green interrogates Tony, and accuses him of covering up for Nina. Green believes that Jack is involved in the hit on Palmer, and she wants answers about what he is doing. She threatens to prosecute Tony for impeding an investigation.

11:33 A.M. – Jack plans to go to the waiting car, but Teri doesn’t want them to separate. Rick proposes that he use one of Gaines’ vans to help them escape. Kim assures her father that Rick can be trusted, and Jack reluctantly agrees to the plan. Gaines calls on the walkie-talkie, and Rick tells him that Eli is digging a grave for the women.

11:39 A.M. – Rick grabs a gun and starts up one of the moving vans. When Gaines questions him, Rick says that Eli asked him to help carry the bodies. Before Gaines can argue, he gets a call that one of his henchmen has found Kevin Carroll unconscious. Gaines orders Rick to drive him there.

11:42 A.M. – Novick gives Palmer advice before his meeting with Ferragamo. Yet when they pull up, fire engines are surrounding the office complex. Novick learns that there was a gas explosion from which Ferragamo did not survive. Palmer heads toward the crime scene, and Novick forcibly stops him. Novick recommends that Palmer’s presence at the building will send the wrong signal even if it was not a murder. They drive away.

11:45 A.M. – Green is about to give Tony an ultimatum, but she is interrupted by a phone call from Jack. He says that although he couldn’t risk contacting anyone at CTU, he has uncovered the people behind the Palmer assassination and located the coordinates of their hideout.

11:52 A.M. – Green notifies Nina and Tony about Jack’s call. Pending further evidence, she retracts their suspension. Nina takes Tony’s hand to express her gratitude for what he did for her.

11:54 A.M. – Gaines revives Carroll, who tells him that Jack is on the premises. Suddenly, Rick peels out with the van. Gaines sees this and orders his men to seal the gates. Rick goes to the shed and picks up the Bauers. Gaines finds Eli dead in the empty shed, and heads to the compound’s entrance. As Jack speeds to the gate, guards shoot at the van, causing it to careen to a halt. Jack hides his family behind the van as Gaines and his men fire at them. Jack shoots back, but sends Teri and Kim into the woods with his handheld map. Rick stays at the van to backup Jack, but gets clipped in the arm. Jack stabs a hole in the gas tank, and he and Rick take off towards the women. When Gaines and his men approach the van, Jack fires at the gas tank and the van explodes. Teri and Kim see the explosion from a distance. Jack helps a weakened Rick run away.

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