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1:02 A.M. – As Mandy parachutes to safety, Jack’s team begins searching for the downed flight’s passenger list. When Tony questions Mason’s secret visit, Nina lies in order to protect Jack.In the Mojave Desert, Mandy places Martin Belkin’s identification card into a homing case, and buries it underground. A car picks her up. After she drives off, a motorcyclist pulls up with a tracking device. The homing case is located, and the biker digs up the ID card. At CTU, Tony accuses Nina of lying to cover up what happened between Mason and Jack.

1:09 A.M. – Meanwhile, Walsh goes downtown to the Dunlop Plaza, and secretively meets with a CTU analyst named Scott Baylor. Although Baylor is terrified, he gives Walsh a CTU key card. The magnetic strip on the card is commonly used for access into the building, but this particular one also contains a file with references to Palmer, which allows the user to smuggle confidential information in and out of restricted areas. As Walsh pleads for Baylor’s continued assistance, shots ring out, hitting both men. Baylor goes down. Walsh is wounded but is able to shoot back at his assailant.

1:12 A.M. – Walsh calls Jack to rescue him from the assailant. Jack heads downtown.

1:16 A.M. – Jack checks in with Teri on his way to help Walsh. Although Janet’s car is parked at the furniture store, the girls aren’t there. In Dan’s van, Kimberly realizes that Janet has been drugged. Rick alludes that there are other “people” involved in this kidnapping.

1:22 A.M. – Mandy arrives at a remote desert house. Ira Gaines hands her a briefcase full of money, and she arranges for an unknown partner to bring the ID card.

1:23 A.M. – Jack phones Nina for the entry code into the Dunlop Plaza garage and he goes in. Tony pulls up a call record of Jack and Nina’s conversation, watching Nina suspiciously.

1:29 A.M. – In Gaines’ desert house, Mandy meets Jonathan, who has been transformed by plastic surgery to look like Martin Belkin.

1:31 A.M. – Jack finds Walsh alive. He suspects there might still be three shooters loose in the building. As they try to escape, they manage to kill two of the men. Jack cuts off the finger on one of the bodies to trace its prints.

1:37 A.M. – The motorcyclist pulls up to Gaines’ house. It is a woman named Bridgit. She comes to make the handoff for Mandy, but instead, gives Gaines a Polaroid photo of Belkin’s ID. She wants more money for the ID. Gaines threatens to kill Bridgit, but relents when he realizes she is the only one who knows where the ID is hidden.

1:42 A.M. – When Teri can’t reach Jack, she asks Nina to locate the furniture store’s owner. Nina is somewhat unsettled by the request, but agrees to help. Teri divulges to Alan York that she and Jack had been separated. Nina calls back with the owner’s phone number and Teri leaves him a message, hoping to find out more about the boys that Janet and Kim are with.

1:44 A.M. – Palmer’s children, Keith and Nicole, return to their father’s hotel suite from a campaign rally. Palmer is diverted by a phone call from an aide named Carl. Palmer tells Carl about Maureen Kingsley’s phone call and asks to meet him immediately.

Secret Service agents arrive at the Palmer hotel suite, but Palmer has slipped out unnoticed. The agents warn Sherry Palmer that they have evidence an attempt will soon be made on the candidate’s life.

1:53 A.M. – Jack and Walsh exit through the Dunlop building’s garage, but as they head up the ramp, shots ring out and hit Walsh. Jack fires back at the assailant. Walsh shows Jack the key card, instructing him to give it to Jamey because she can be trusted. She will be able to link it to a CTU computer terminal to reveal who the dirty agent is. As he throws the card to Jack, Walsh is killed by a barrage of bullets.

1:55 A.M. – Jack escapes in his car and phones Jamey. He puts the key card into his mobile scanner, and sends her the magnetic information.

1:56 A.M. – Dan pulls his van over to the side of the road and orders Kimberly to call her mother on the cell phone. She is to tell Teri that she is at a party and will be home in a few hours. When Kimberly resists, Dan is about to strike her and Rick intercedes. “Gaines said not to hurt her, remember?” Rick says. To threaten Kimberly, Dan smashes Janet’s arm with a crowbar. Kimberly calls her mother’s cell phone, crying. She tries to assure Teri that she’s at a party, but ends the call by telling her that she loves her. Teri is slightly alarmed because her daughter never says that.

1:59 A.M. – Jamey sends to Jack’s car mobile messenger the name of the dirty agent using the key card. It is Nina.

In the desert, Jonathan takes target practice with a rifle.

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