1PM – 2PM

1:00 P.M. – Jack and his family arrive at CTU by helicopter. He is alarmed when Teri winces in pain, but she attributes her stomach cramps to stress. She and Kim are sent to a clinic for a checkup, and Jack begs Nina to watch over them. Green reluctantly agrees to let Nina go, and takes Jack inside to be questioned and placed under arrest.1:07 P.M. – Sherry makes an appeal to Palmer about not revealing information about either Keith or George Ferragamo in his appearances. Surprisingly, he doesn’t put up a fight. He explains that his campaign financiers are blackmailing him into obeying their wishes or they will implicate Keith in Ferragamo’s murder. He warns his wife not to tell Keith.

1:09 P.M. – Teri and Kim are greeted at the clinic by Dr. Kent. Teri asks the doctor to keep the information about her rape hidden from her husband.

1:15 P.M. – Palmer and Mike Novick talk about the Ferragamo situation, and Keith overhears part of the conversation. Palmer is forced to tell his son that the psychiatrist died in an office fire. Knowing that Ferragamo was the one who had connected him to Lyle Gibson’s murder, Keith doesn’t believe that the man’s death was indeed an accident. Keith becomes upset, because Ferragamo was the only one in the past who was there for him. He wants to go public with the death, but Palmer assures him that keeping it quiet is for the best.

1:18 P.M. – Regional Director Ryan Chappelle comes to the CTU office to interrogate Jack. He records their conversation.

1:21 P.M. – Nina arrives at the clinic, looking for Jack’s family, but comes upon an FBI agent in waiting room 3. When she finds the women, there’s awkwardness between her and Teri. Nina goes back to waiting room 3, and the FBI agent she first met is gone. Nina asks another agent if he was part of their team, but the agent is unaware of another man there. Nina becomes suspect of the man’s identity, as well as Teri and Kim’s safety.

1:29 P.M. – Jack recounts his actions for Chappelle, explaining his deviation from protocol. Chappelle, however, can not reinstate Jack in CTU. Jack argues that, because if his proximity to the case, he can be a valuable resource in protecting Palmer. Alberta Green has only been on the job for four hours. Their conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Nina. She is hesitant to reveal her uncertainties about a threat at the clinic, but asks whether Jack had harbored any thoughts to someone else on the inside working against Palmer. Jack admits that he had assumed that someone higher up or in another division must have recruited Jamey. Nina reassures him that his family is safe under her watch.

Tony updates Green on the three shooters that may have been hired as a backup plan to assassinate Palmer. He has two of their names, but still does not know who the third might be.

1:33 P.M. – The shooter, Alexis, who just arrived from Yugoslavia, spies on Kevin Carroll. Carroll is leading Gaines’ men to load their equipment into an abandoned house at a transfer point. Alexis confirms their identities against information on his handheld device. Carroll, who doesn’t see Alexis, calls Andre Drazen to tell him that Gaines was killed. He offers up his services to finish the operation. Drazen informs Carroll that he won’t be needed since a backup plan is already in effect. As the men complete their move, Alexis sets off a detonator that explodes the house. Carroll, who was blown back, is still alive. Alexis approaches Carroll and shoots him.

1:41 P.M. – Tony assesses the Palmer situation for Green and advises that the candidate leave California. Impressed by his abilities and looking to get him on her side, Green proposes that Tony talk to Chappelle about Jack. She suggests he say that even though the Bauers were in danger, Jack could have dealt with the situation without compromising CTU. This admission would cause her to look favorably at a promotion for Tony.

1:42 P.M. – Green comes in to debrief Jack, and he asks to phone his wife and daughter in return for his cooperation. Green does not give him permission to make the call. He explains that they need to get the CIA to open up their Balkan terrorist database, because the financier of the attack, Ted Cofell, had family connections there. Green is intrigued by Jack’s information.

Nina, meanwhile, calls Tony and tells him about the questionable FBI agent at the clinic. She asks him to send someone over to dust for fingerprints.

1:45 P.M. – Keith informs his mother that he is going to tell the police the truth about George Ferragamo’s murder. Sherry stops him, with the reasoning that it was their decision to remain silent. She is only doing what’s best to keep her family safe. Palmer comes in and tells Sherry that they must leave California because of the imminent threat against his life. The family packs up their things for the trip to an Air Force base in Nevada.

1:51 P.M. – Tony is summoned to speak to Chappelle. Chappelle explains that, since Tony is the most impartial observer to the events of the past night, his testimony may decide the charges brought against Jack. Tony admits to not being a fan of Jack or his managerial style, but he wholeheartedly approves of everything Jack has done since midnight on the Palmer case.

In the limo, Mike Novick informs Palmer what he has uncovered on Jack Bauer, who they still believe to be the primary assassination suspect. Jack had led a Special Forces team in Bosnia, and Palmer recognizes Jack’s name from a Drazen mission. Palmer believes that Jack is seeking revenge on him because he blames him for the deaths of his men on the Bosnia team.

1:55 P.M. – Palmer’s aide, Elizabeth Nash, leaves the hotel suite without the rest of the campaign team. She claims that she is taking a later flight so that she can visit an aunt in a nursing home. Instead, Elizabeth goes to another suite in the hotel and knocks on the door. Alexis, the hired assassin, answers. The two rip off each other’s clothes and begin to make love.

Nina is surprised when the CTU technician finds no fingerprints in waiting room 3. They weren’t cleaned by housekeeping, but wiped off by a pro. She asks Green’s permission to transfer Teri and Kim to a safe house.

Dr. Kent informs Teri that her test results show that the bursting of an ovarian cyst caused her stomach pain, so she orders a pregnancy test just to be safe. Nina rushes in to take Teri to the safe house. On her way out, Teri is handed a home pregnancy test by the doctor. Nina thinks she sees the suspicious man posing as an FBI agent, but finds nothing. As Nina leads the Bauers into a car, the man she had seen in waiting room 3 is on the phone, watching them from a window above. He tells the unknown person on the other end of the line, “They are leaving now.”

1:59 P.M. – Much to the shock of everyone, Palmer comes unannounced to CTU. He asks to speak to Jack Bauer.

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