2AM – 3AM

2:00 A.M. – From his car, Jack digitally sends the thumbprint to a tech. Teri calls to tell Jack that Kimberly phoned and said, “I love you” at the end of the conversation. This worries Teri because Kim never says, “I love you.” Jack convinces Teri and Alan York to remain at the furniture store to wait for the girls.2:05 A.M. – Gaines orders Mandy to handle Bridgit’s request for an additional million dollars as payment for the delivery of Martin Belkin’s I.D. card. Meanwhile, Secret Service steps up security at the hotel, but they still have no idea where Senator Palmer has gone. Keith wants to go out to find his father, but Sherry and the Secret Service prevent Keith from leaving.

2:08 A.M. – Gaines calls Dan and tells him he’s running late. While Rick and Dan wait, Janet suffers from the extreme pain of her broken arm. Rick begins to feel sorry for her. He defies Dan’s orders and gives Janet some heavy drugs to ease the pain.

2:15 A.M. – Palmer pulls into an underground parking garage, where two teenage delinquents are breaking random car windows. In the ensuing confrontation, the kids smash the rear window of Palmer’s car and run away.

2:17 A.M. – Jack returns to CTU, but before he walks in the building, he summons Nina to his office. While Nina waits at his desk, Jack sneaks over to Jamey and gives her the encrypted key card he got from Richard Walsh. Jack has Jamey search Nina’s workstation to prove that it is the source of the file on the key card. Then Jack keeps Nina occupied until Jamey can confirm that the key card came from Nina’s terminal, thus proving that Nina is the dirty agent. Jack receives a call from data services that the fingerprint of one of the shooters at Dunlop Plaza has no match.

2:27 A.M. – At Gaines’ desert house, Mandy and Bridgit argue over asking Gaines for more money for Belkin’s I.D. Bridgit appeals to Mandy’s love for her, and the two kiss. Mandy gives in, and goes to offer Gaines the new deal.

Meanwhile, Kim tends to a drugged up Janet, while Rick and Dan screw around. Kim is able to convince Janet that they are in danger and need to escape. They manage to run off, and Dan and Rick chase after them.

At CTU, Jamey convinces Jack to shut Nina off from confidential access.

2:32 A.M. – Kimberly and Janet escape into a seedy alley, where they interrupt Larry Rogow, a male prostitute turning a trick. When Dan and Rick approach, Rogow lies about where the girls fled to. Rick and Dan take off.

2:39 A.M. – Palmer meets Carl, a back-room political player, in the undergound parking lot. Palmer tells Carl about Maureen Kingsley’s accusation. Several years ago, Palmer’s daughter, Nicole, had been raped. Kingsley claims to have evidence that Keith Palmer murdered the man who committed the rape. Carl agrees to cut off whatever source is making up these lies so that Palmer can win the California Primary. Their secret meeting is broken up by the arrival of the Secret Service.

2:41 A.M. – Kim and Janet follow Rogow into a warehouse, and Kim pleas for help in finding a phone. Rogow throws them out.

2:43 A.M. – Jack confronts Nina about the key card and her involvement in the hit on Palmer. She claims innocence.

Gaines agrees to give Mandy and Bridgit the extra million dollars, and the three of them go into the desert night to reclaim the hidden ID card.

2:47 A.M. – Kimberly and Janet run into Rocco, a pimp talking on a cell phone. They ask for his phone. Rocco asks for some money to use the phone but the girls have no money to pay him. Then Rocco decides to get rough. Suddenly, Larry Rogow (the male prostitute from earlier) appears and jumps Rocco. The girls get away with the phone, but Larry gets beaten up by Rocco in the process. Dan and Rick see the girls run off.

2:52 A.M. – Tony notices a CTU memorandum that reports Walsh’s death. He asks Jamey to find out what had happened. Since Jamey is working on something for Jack, she gives Tony access on his terminal to find out for himself.

2:55 A.M. – In the desert, Bridgit gives Gaines the ID. Once the exchange is made, Bridgit drops to the ground having been shot by a sniper.

2:56 A.M. – Jamey shows Jack and Nina what she found on Nina’s computer that links it to the key card. The data on the card was gathered on January 14th. Jack dismisses Jamey, then immediately apologizes to Nina. During that particular weekend in January, Jack and Nina were in Santa Barbara together. Jack theorizes that someone must have broken into Nina’s computer. Nina is furious that Jack would have even thought of accusing her. Tony calls someone at CTU Headquarters, claiming that Jack Bauer is out of control and needs to be relieved of his command.

2:57 A.M. – Kim calls her mother to say that she’s in trouble. She gives the name of the store where they are located, but has to hang up when the guys approach. Teri immediately calls 911 for help.

2:59 A.M. – As Kim and Janet run from Rick and Dan, Janet is hit by a car. When a shaken Kim turns back to her friend’s lifeless body, Rick grabs her from behind. The guys drag Kimberly away, leaving Janet on the street. Janet’s eyes open. She’s still alive.

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