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2:00 P.M. – On Ryan Chappelle’s orders, Tony tries keeps Palmer from Jack. Milo informs Tony that the third shooter’s name is Alexis Drazen, and that he stopped in Washington, DC on his way to Los Angeles.2:04 P.M. – In the car on the way to the safe house, Nina explains to Teri and Kim that they are being taken to a secure environment. Kim asks her mother about the doctor’s prognosis regarding her persistent abdominal pains. Kim is still worried that the rape is the cause. Teri assures Kim that it was only a cyst and that she is fine.

Alberta Green continues to question Jack. When she tells him that Teri and Kim were transferred from the clinic to a safe house, he becomes angry at not being alerted to this. Jack refuses to say another word until he can speak to Teri and Kim.

Palmer’s campaign aide, Elizabeth Nash, is in bed with her lover, Alexis Drazen. She reveals to him that she has to go with Palmer to Nevada. While Elizabeth is in the shower, Alexis secretly reads her travel itinerary.

2:07 P.M. – Still waiting in the lobby of CTU to see Jack, Palmer makes a call to a Defense Department official to ask for help in cutting through the red tape. When Chappelle finally comes down to greet Palmer, he receives a phone call from the Defense official. Chappelle grants Palmer’s request to meet with Jack in a secure room.

2:10 P.M. – Jack is brought to Palmer. Palmer immediately accuses Jack of wanting him dead because of a failed mission in Kosovo called Operation Nightfall. Jack makes it clear that the assassins had kidnapped his own family, and all of his actions were an effort to not only save Palmer himself but Teri and Kim as well.

2:16 P.M. – Nina brings Teri and Kim to a suburban house guarded by CTU agents. Hidden in her bathroom, Teri takes the home pregnancy test given to her by the doctor.

2:18 P.M. – Palmer lays out for Jack his history with Victor Drazen. Victor Drazen had been committing atrocities in Kosovo. Palmer, while working on a Senate Appropriations committee, authorized the covert mission Operation Nightfall. The missions objective: kill Victor Drazen. Jack ran the operation in Kosovo. Today marks the two-year anniversary of Operation Nightfall, and it becomes apparent that the people behind this assassination attempt want retaliation for Victor Drazen’s death. Palmer and Jack figure out that if the assassins know that they were both involved, then they must also know about another operative involved in the mission, Robert Ellis. Palmer and Jack call Ellis and explain the situation. Ellis immediately gets to work on what the next move will be.

2:21 P.M. – Teri’s pregnancy test comes up positive.

2:22 P.M. – Elizabeth Nash gets summoned back to the Palmer hotel suite because the campaign is staying in Los Angeles. She calls Alexis with news that she is not going to Nevada. Alexis briefs his brother, Andre Drazen, about the change in Palmer’s travel plans. He verifies that the two other shooters already have their targets in sight. Alexis assures his brother that Palmer will be dead by midnight.

2:25 P.M. – Kim sees the pregnancy test in her mother’s bathroom, and Teri confirms that she is pregnant. It’s Jack’s child of course. Kim is hurt that her parents planned to have another child without telling her. Teri says that it was a surprise. She is just as shocked as Kim.

2:31 P.M. – With Milo’s help, Ellis uncovers some data and sends it back to CTU. However, one other file is still mysteriously missing.

2:32 P.M. – Teri decides to call and tell Jack about the pregnancy, but she is unavailable to reach him. Tony promises to give Jack her message. As Nina begins a debriefing session with Teri, Kim slyly grabs Nina’s cell phone. She calls Rick. Kim urges him to turn himself in, but Rick is afraid he will be arrested. Kim agrees to cover for him.

2:36 P.M. – Palmer is shocked by the realization that this assassination attempt has nothing to do with his being a black man running for President. It’s merely revenge for his and Jack’s taking out Victor Drazen. During this fleeting moment of downtime, both Jack and Palmer discuss and reflect their strained family situations.

2:43 P.M. – Milo gives Jack the report from Ellis. The missing file has yet to turn up. As Palmer and Jack read the document, they learn that Victor Drazen’s wife and daughter were also killed in Operation Nightfall. They surmise that killing Jack’s wife and daughter is a direct payback for the Drazen family’s murder. Palmer orders Chappelle to step up protection on Teri and Kim.

2:48 P.M. – As Nina questions her about the events, Teri figures out that Nina was the one that Jack slept with when they separated. Nina tries to explain that Jack realized it was a mistake and ended it. Teri doesn’t want to hear any more, and walks out of the room.

2:53 P.M. – Palmer, who needs to get back to the campaign, orders Chappelle to reinstate Jack to his position. Jack asks for a provisional status until the end of the day so that he can help out on the case. After that, Chappelle can arrest him. Palmer confides to Jack that Secret Service wants him to leave the state, but that he wants to stay so that they can flush out Drazen’s people. Before he leaves, Palmer apologizes for misjudging Jack.

2:55 P.M. – Kim tells Nina that Rick wasn’t really a conspirator in the kidnapping. He was just as surprised by what was happening. Jack informs Nina that they are sending over two more teams of agents because Teri and Kim are at risk. However, he doesn’t want Nina to tell the women this. He asks to speak to Teri. Although she left an urgent message with Tony, Teri tells Jack that it is nothing important. After Teri hangs up, Kim asks how her dad reacted to the news about the baby. Teri replies that she didn’t tell him.

2:59 P.M. – In the bathroom of the bar, Ellis phones Jack with news that the missing file was deliberately removed. This leads him to believe that it contains information need. Suddenly, a man comes into the restroom and chokes Ellis as he’s talking. Jack calls out to Ellis, but Ellis is dead.

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