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3:00 A.M. – As Kimberly is taken by the guys, Janet lies on the street, struggling to stay conscious.At CTU, Jack apologizes to Nina and explains the circumstances around Walsh’s death. He says that she and Jamey are the only ones he can trust. The three of them must work together.

The Secret Service return Palmer to the hotel. Sherry tells him about the assassination attempt, but Palmer scoffs at its seriousness.

3:08 A.M. – Tony comes up with an empty seat on the plane that had crashed in the desert and looks for its relevance. Jamey finds an address on the key card: 18166 San Fernando Road. Before she can do more digging, George Mason arrives and puts the office into a lockdown. She hides the key card. Jack sneaks out of the office to go investigate the address. Tony motions to Mason where he went, and an agent stops Jack. Jack punches the guy and slips out the door.

3:13 A.M. – Tony admits to Nina that he called in Mason because he believes Jack is out of control. She accuses him acting on behalf of his feelings for her.

Secret Service Agent Pierce convinces Palmer that the threat against him is indeed serious, and he cautions the candidate about the breakfast scheduled for the morning. Palmer is adamant about the meeting’s importance to his campaign.

3:20 A.M. – In the van, Kimberly taunts Rick to go back for Janet. Thinking Janet may be able to identify them, Dan agrees to get her. When he pulls out a gun, Kim is afraid they will kill her friend. Rick ties her up and slaps tape over her mouth. Teri and Alan York, meanwhile, race toward North Hollywood to rescue their daughters, but they get pulled over for speeding. As he tries to hurry the police officer along, York is arrested for disobeying a lawful order. Teri is left in the car, horrified and helpless. She doesn’t notice Dan’s van passing them on the road.

3:24 A.M. – Jack locates the San Fernando Road address, but it is a desolate industrial park complex. He sees a sliver of light through an open door and goes in with his gun drawn. A man named Greg Penticoff is inside, and he fires at Jack. Outside, policewoman Jessie Hampton hears the gunfire and calls for backup. She sees Penticoff run off, but she catches Jack. Jack flashes his badge, and the two take pursuit into the abandoned warehouse.

Mason goads Nina by bringing up her affair with Jack. Knowing his sordid reputation, Nina doesn’t divulge anything.

3:35 A.M. – Rick and Dan find the stricken Janet, and they debate about what to do with her. Kimberly cries through the duct tape in fear. Suddenly, an ambulance approaches. Dan steps on the gas, leaving the scene, and Janet, behind.

3:39 A.M. – Nina tips off Jamey about Mason’s interrogation, entrusting her not to turn Jack in.

Palmer reveals to his wife, Sherry, that network anchor Maureen Kingsley has uncovered new evidence accusing Keith of murdering Lyle Gibson. Gibson, who had raped their daughter, was reported as having committed suicide. Carl linked the allegations to Keith’s therapist, George Ferragamo, who claims that Keith made a confession in therapy sessions. Knowing Kingsley is a responsible journalist, Palmer privately begins to question his son’s innocence.

As Teri and York are detained, a call comes in over the policeman’s radio about a possible assault outside Platt Auto Body, which is the location that Kim had given her mother. The cop lets Teri and York leave to find their daughters.

3:46 A.M. – Police backup arrives at the industrial complex in the form of a helicopter. Jack directs Jessie to not shoot the suspect because he needs him alive. The chopper’s searchlight gets Jack in its glare, and he must avoid Penticoff’s gunfire. But Penticoff captures Jessie and holds her at gunpoint.

3:52 A.M. – Penticoff lures Jack out of hiding, warning him to drop his gun or Jessie will be killed. Jack concedes, but charges Penticoff. The backup sirens approach. As he holds Penticoff, Jack realizes that Jessie has been shot.

Teri and York see the ambulance and head to a nearby hospital. Meanwhile, Dan and Rick meet up with Ira Gaines. They tell him that they killed Janet and hid her body. Gaines takes Kim, warning that she will only survive if she obeys him.

Mason attempts to convince Jamey that she’s being used, but she remains silent. He is alerted that a police frequency has spotted Jack. Mason ends the lockout, and pulls his agents out to pick up Jack.

3:59 A.M. – Jessie’s body is hauled away in an ambulance. Fearing for his life, Penticoff says that he’ll only talk if Jack helps him. The police grab Penticoff. He yells to Jack, “If you ever want to see your daughter again, get me out of this!” Jack sprints to his car to follow the squad car — and the possible link between Palmer’s hit and Kim’s disappearance.

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